Las Vegas Raiders Clelin Ferrell Ready to Explode on NFL

Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.

Henderson, Nev. -- Clelin Ferrell is a burgeoning star in the NFL. A violent and disruptive force on the defensive line for the Silver and Black, he is a gentle giant off the field.

His boss, defensive coordinator Paul Guenther, liked what he saw in year one, but wants more. "Cle came in here as a highly drafted guy. I always tell them, I don't care how you're drafted, how you get here.  

"Clelin had a lot of snaps last year, at outside on first and second down. We put him some inside, so he's a guy we can move around. He's come back in tremendous shape. He looks like a different guy. He's a lot quicker, he's a lot stronger, so I'm looking for big things from him."

Guenther is not known as a man given to hyperbole. He is a straight-shooter. So when he stops to praise someone, there is no doubt it is genuine.

But Ferrell isn't happy having his boss praising him. He is a driven young man with a fantastic passion for the game and a drive to get even better.

Ferrell said of his off-season work to improve: "I feel like, for me, I just go back and I always set goals for the offseason and I set goals for the year. My goal for the year kind of drives me through the offseason, which is always to just focus on winning the Super Bowl. So, I feel like in order for us to do that, I have to be ready to do what is asked of me."

The coaches want more. They are never satisfied. They wanted him to bulk up because they see him as a man able to move up and down the line, not just playing one spot.

That's a task Ferrell embraces.

"For me, it's to be a cornerstone in this organization," Ferrell said. "I'm a guy that plays up and down the defensive line. I had to put on a lot of weight and just gained a lot of knowledge through the offseason just to be able to do that. So, happy to experience the last year and I feel like I'm ready to go."

Ferrell had a good rookie campaign, but a lot of people are sleeping on him. He is ready to explode on the NFL in 2020, from multiple positions.

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Autumn Wind
Autumn Wind

Since I found this site I can't stop reading every article. This is another great one. I feel like it's Christmas for Raider fans now that we found Hondo in this site

B1G Ball Buster1
B1G Ball Buster1

Great story