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Derek Carr Impressed with Bryan Edwards

Derek Carr, the Las Vegas Raiders unquestioned leader, had high praise for rookie wide receiver Bryan Edwards.

Universal expectations are that the starting quarterback is usually the most important voice for an NFL team, other than maybe the head coach.

Derek Carr isn't an exception, as he's now doing the rounds with his brother, no less. 

In an interview with his brother David Carr and former wide receiver and teammate James Jones, Carr touched on multiple subjects. This is one of the expectations that he faces, something that Carr has had to talk about quite often this offseason. 

Asked by his brother if the pressure he faces is different now that he has better weapons, Carr said: "It doesn't matter what our record is, no one is going to put more pressure on me than I do." 

"What's nice about this is that I've got a group of guys who are trying to take a lot of pressure off me. They say it every day, 'We got you.' It's a comforting feeling." 

Then Carr was asked by Jones about the wideouts that the Raiders took in this year's draft other than Henry Ruggs III. Carr answered with a comparison, saying that third pick Bryan Edwards reminded him a lot of Jones. 

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"Bryan reminds me a lot of you (Jones)," Carr said. "We connected on a lot of 50-50 balls early in my career, and he reminds me of that guy that I can trust, that guy I can just throw that ball up to and know he's going to get it or nobody is." 

There is a significant discussion of the improvements that the Raiders need to make for this season to contend. Carr discussed going against the Raiders' defense in practice is different from that in the past. 

"The thing that sticks out the most to me is the speed that they play with," Carr said. "The speed on defense is evident from the jump and this is one of the fastest defenses We'll have in my seven years here.

"They've been getting that mentality of wanting to beat the crap out of the offense every day and it's been cool to see. It's a competitive nature I haven't seen much in my seven years here." 

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