Behind Enemy Lines:  Denver Broncos

Previewing the 2021 Las Vegas Raiders opponents, we look today at the Denver Broncos.

Raider Maven continues to go behind enemy lines. We're going to Denver this time and get the latest information on theLas Vegas Raiders divisional rival straight from the source who covers them.

Nick Kendell, Deputy Editor, is the Sports Illustrated Broncos Mile High Huddle, recently joined Raider Maven's Editor and Publisher Hondo Carpenter on the radio. Carpenter was co-hosting with Clay Baker on the "Pritch & Clay" morning show on Raider Nation Radio (LINK TO LISTEN LIVE).

"Everybody standby, obviously the Broncos, it sounds like if Aaron Rodgers is made available, the team is ready to make a big offer for him," Kendell said.

"Outside of the quarterback position this roster is really well loaded. So if they can bring in Aaron Rodgers that obviously takes them from a potential playoff team to a team that seems like they honestly could make some noise. But the real question is, are the Packers going to accept trading Aaron Rodgers, and that seems like who knows at this point?"

If this move does go on, everyone would be expecting high expectations from Rodgers toreplicate the same success to the Mile High city as Tom Brady did in Tampa Bay.

The biggest concern moving forward for the Broncos right now is their starting quarterback.

It seems as though the rumors of Rodgers have pushed the fan base to give up on Drew Lock.

Lock has an advantage over Teddy Bridgewater for the starting job, having been in the system longer, but the job is up for grabs if the Rodgers deal does not go through.

The strength of this team is on the defense. Head coach Vic Fangio is putting together an outstanding defense. The Broncos will have one of the best secondaries in the NFL, and their star pass-rusher Von Miller will be back from injury.

"Fingers crossed for this team to actually see a full 17 games of Von Miller and Bradley Chubb together. If you can get from those two guys on the field, getting after the quarterback, it makes everybody's job easier," Kendell said.

Kendell's win prediction for the Broncos without Rodgers will be between seven and 10 wins.

In a division filled with elite quarterbacks, it will be challenging to come out on top of the others.

The Broncos' faith lands on the hands of the quarterback.

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