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Mark Davis Featured Tonight on HBO Real Sports

Mark Davis has been often overlooked as the owner of the National Football League's Las Vegas Raiders, and HBO Real Sports talks to him tonight.

Henderson, NV.--Mark Davis has been often overlooked and even mocked as the owner of the National Football League's Las Vegas Raiders.

There have been jokes regarding his hair, style and his father's shadow, but none of it bothers Davis. A highly respected businessman, Davis is quietly inching up the pecking order of owners in the world's most powerful professional sports league and smiling the entire way.

For Davis, people overlooking him has only led to his success. While no one can argue his father's success, business-wise, Davis has made all of his Al's dreams come true and far surpassed him. Mark Davis is his own man.

Tonight, on HBO's Real Sports, Andrea Kremer will interview him, and the nation will get to see the happy demeanor of the man who has led the Raiders for the past decade and will lead this franchise for decades in Davis.

Davis will discuss his relationship with his ICONI father in this interview. The Raiders Jon Gruden will discuss his boss, but more importantly, his friend and the world will get to see the genuine nature of the Raiders owner.

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