Hunter Renfrow on Jason Witten's Potential Coaching Future

The Las Vegas Raiders Hunter Renfrow discusses the potential of NFL tight end legend Jason Witten becoming a coach.
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You know when you have a future coach when you see him influence a group of young players on and off the field.

One specific player that suited up for the Silver and Black in the 2020 NFL season screams future coach all over his name.

The Raiders brought in Jason Witten out of retirement, bringing him back into the football field from the broadcast set to help influence a talented group of tight ends with his skills on the field, locker room presence, and leadership.

A few players transition well to the sidelines, and a handful of Raider players sees Witten transitioning into that position.

Raider Maven's Editor and Publisher Hondo Carpenter cohosts Silver and Black Radio on Monday and Wednesday on Raider Nation Radio (LINK TO LISTEN LIVE). He recently interviewed Raiders wide receiver Hunter Renfrow and asked him about Witten's influence in the Raiders locker room and potentially seeing him as a coach shortly.

Although Renfrow plays a different position than Witten, he still had an impact in that locker room.

"I think that Tennessee job opened up," said Renfrow jokingly about the Tennessee job opening up, Witten's Alma Mater.

"We'd always kind of mess with him and it's cool for him because he was on Monday Night Football, he was on primetime football-- He had so many stories of how the coaches of the games he was doing-- And just to kind of formulate everything and why they do certain things and so Jason Witten, he was able to get first-hand experiences on how coaches operate and I think during that he was able to kind of put together a plan for himself, whether he wanted to coach football or not," said Renfrow on how being in the broadcast booth really helped Witten prepare if he ever decides to hang up the cleats and transition to coaching.

Frank Smith's departure to the Chargers opens the door for a tight ends coach in the Raiders coaching staff, and this may be his chance to stick around and become the Raiders tight end coach.

It may seem like Deja Vu, and yes, we've heard it before, Coach Jon Gruden did the same thing. After retiring from coaching, he moved to the broadcast booth to host Monday Night Football on ESPN for a handful of years to become the Raiders head coach.

"He was able to be ready just through that process, learning about the coaches and the different styles but yeah I think he'd be an awesome coach and who knows, he might be at Tennessee, he might like the NFL, but I think he'll do a fantastic job with whatever he wants to do," added Renfrow on whether he goes to coach at college or stick around in the NFL, he'll do a fantastic job.

Whether he plans to retire from football or not, Witten has a future in coaching. The door has opened for him to transition to the sidelines; now it's on him if he decides to go that route.

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