Jason Witten Likes What He Sees in Raiders Derek Carr

Jairo Alvarado

Veteran tight end Jason Witten speaks about having Derek Carr on a young and talented Las Vegas Raiders team.

The 17-year veteran signed with the Raiders this offseason, after spending 16 seasons with the Cowboys, and a year in the broadcasting booth for ESPN's Monday Night Football.

"There's strong leaders inside this locker room -- I've seen it on the offensive side of the ball with Rodney (Hudson) and of course Derek (Carr), and how they communicate and their understanding of the system," Witten said.

Head coach Jon Gruden and general manager Mike Mayock are building a great culture in Las Vegas. Witten, who has spent a short time with the Raiders this offseason, has seen players who love football work hard and take accountability.

"You know it's been a great resource for new players, young players alike to talk through those things and that's when good teams turn into great teams, and that's what coach Gruden and his staff are trying to build-- and I see 100 percent buy-in from the players," Witten said.

Witten, who has caught passes from quarterbacks Tony Romo and Dak Prescott over his career, enters his first year with Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Carr has been in excellent control of Gruden's system; he's been continually communicating with his teammates on what he wants out of the routes, and changing protections.

"I've really been impressed -- I mean just first off from the Zoom meetings for most of the offseason," Witten said. "You know it's a rigorous process that Coach Gruden puts (Carr) through, I'm sure you guys are well aware of that, but just recall the ability to get to certain plays."

After Carr's comments on feeling disrespected by the media and other players around the league, Carr is entering the 2020 NFL season with a chip on his shoulder and will be out there to prove everybody wrong.

Witten continues to be impressed by his ability to get outside the pocket and create something with his legs. He can sling it, but he is most impressed by how he throws so accurately, leads and sees the routes the same way receivers do.

Witten is excited to play football and ready to do whatever he needs to do to help his team win.

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