Jon Gruden Impressed by Derek Carr, Marcus Mariota

Hondo S. Carpenter, Sr.

Henderson, Nev. -- The Las Vegas Raiders decision to sign Marcus Mariota was a brilliant move. They have their starting signal-caller in Derek Carr, but now they get a seasoned pro to back him up, and he ready in a "Next Man Up" league.

While Coach Jon Gruden has made it clear that Carr is his guy, pundits have enjoyed creating a controversy that doesn't exist. I get it; it gets clicks for a frustrated yet fantastic fan base with a "Just Win Baby," mentality.

But if being honest is important, and it is to most, the issues haven't been Derek Carr.  

That is why Carr, a man of character, has embraced Mariota being on the Silver and Black. They respect and like one another. It shows character on both of their parts as competitors.

Gruden, when asked about Mariota's grasp of the playbook, complimented both men.

"It's been impressive," Gruden said. "I think being in the room and little chat session with Derek Carr every day has really helped him. Derek is very advanced and very quick mentally. Marcus is as well. He's learning from the best and he's applied it here in the last couple of days here with our rookies on the field at walk-thru."

The Raider Nation is the real winner here. Two great quarterbacks who have set aside ego just to win. Now that sounds like old school Raiders.

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Hikaru Kudo
Hikaru Kudo


Two quarterbacks = success on a modern NFL team. On top of what you said Hondo, Raider Nation needs to remember that injuries are unfortunately unavoidable. What happens if god forbid, Derek Carr gets an injury? It's a little reassuring to know that the Raiders have a backup capable of playing a solid football game in case something happens to Carr.