CB Trayvon Mullen Could Wear No. 1 Jersey This Year

With the new jersey number proposal, CB Trayvon Mullen has expressed interest in wearing his old college jersey number, No. 1.
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Cornerback Trayvon Mullen could be wearing a different number jersey next season.

A week ago, the NFL announced several rules and bylaws that have been proposed for the 2021 NFL season. Included in those bylaws is an expansion of uniform numbers players may wear on the field.

The new proposal is as follows:

Quarterback, punter, kicker: 1–19

Running back: 1–49, 80–89

Defensive back: 1–49

Linebacker: 1–59, 90–99

Offensive lineman: 50–79

Defensive lineman: 50–79, 90–99

Notably, if the proposal goes through, Mullen has expressed interest in wearing his old college number, No. 1, on his jersey next season.

The jersey proposal was originally made by the Kansas City Chiefs.

The rule proposal however wasn’t made for aesthetic purposes but rather necessity.

With Nos. 28, 33, 36 and 37 retired by the franchises, the Chiefs reportedly ran into a shortage of available numbers between the 20-49 range.

The new jersey number proposal would effectively eliminate the issue and would make it unlikely for franchises to run into the issue in the future.

So, look out Raider Nation. Mullen may be dooming the big old No. 1 just like his Clemson days next season.

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