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Unique Gambling Atmosphere at Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium will be home to a unique gambling atmosphere due to its residence in the gambling capital of the world.
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Las Vegas is famously known as the gambling capital of the world. The Las Vegas Strip is full of action 24/7. Someone is always placing a bet on a game, playing a hand of poker or working the slot machines.

Naturally, when the Raiders were approved to relocate to Las Vegas in April of 2017, a question arose.

Would gambling be allowed in Allegiant Stadium?

The answer is yes but no.

On Feb. 21, the NFL announced that some stadiums will be allowed to have betting lounges and may accept sponsorships from sportsbook operators. However, retail sportsbooks and physical betting windows would still be prohibited.

In addition, lower-bowl signage will be prohibited in an attempt to prevent TV visibility.

Chris Halpin, chief strategy and growth officer for the NFL, spoke with ESPN and said stadiums that reside within legal sports betting jurisdictions, such as Allegiant Stadium, may offer betting lounges and showcase mobile betting options.

The announcement came following a sponsorship agreement between the Raiders and MGM Resorts on Jan. 23, marking the latter as the Official Gaming Partner of the Raiders.

As the Official Gaming Partner, MGM Resorts will host MGM Club at Allegiant Stadium, which includes a full-service premium bar, luxury lounge, and upgraded stadium seating.

Or in layman’s terms: a betting lounge.

In essence, the move by the NFL to allow betting lounges was forthcoming. With a multitude of casinos located on the other side of I-15 on the Las Vegas Strip, it made sense to allow some sort of betting inside Allegiant Stadium.

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Otherwise, fans would watch the game from the casino of their choosing, losing out on ticket sales and in-stadium purchases.

Although betting lounges will be allowed in other stadiums across the league which are located within legal sports betting jurisdiction, the atmosphere will be completely different in Las Vegas.

The gambling aspect, whether one bet on their mobile phone in the stadium or walk across the street to The Strip, will be a major part of the Raiders Experience for many fans.

Even if fans decide not to bet at Allegiant Stadium, most likely, they’ll just bet in one of the many casinos in the city.

In late 2019, the Southern Nevada Tourism Infrastructure Committee hired Applied Analysis to conduct a projection on the money stadium visitors might spend.

The firm concluded that among other costs, each visitor will spend roughly $141 on gambling.

According to SNTIC, Allegiant Stadium is expected to bring in just over 450,000 “incremental visitors” to the city every year.

In total, “incremental visitors” would spend over $63 million in gambling every year.

Whether fans decide to bet via their mobile phone in the stadium, on the Strip, or not partake in betting at all, the gambling atmosphere at Allegiant Stadium is one no other venue in the NFL can duplicate.

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