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Allegiant Stadium Officially Opens with Ribbon-Cutting

After three years, nine months and one day since the ground marking, Aug. 14 marks the official opening day of Allegiant Stadium.
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Allegiant Stadium is finally getting its official opening today.

The stadium will officially open in front of 65,000 fans prior to today’s 2021 preseason opener.

After three years, nine months and one day since the groundbreaking, today marks the first NFL game to be played in front of fans at Allegiant Stadium.

"We are going to kick it off the right way with 65,000 people," Raiders owner Mark Davis said via

It will also be Davis’s first game in Allegiant Stadium as he refused to attend games at Allegiant Stadium until all fans, no matter how much they are paying, had the equal opportunity to visit the stadium.

"It may be a preseason game but it's going to be our party as well because it's the first time, No. 1, a vast majority of Raiders fans will be in the stadium, but it will also be the first time I'll be in there for an event," Davis said.

"It's our house but we got to give them the keys. And I think finally on the 14th, they are going to have the key to walk into their house and really see what we built, and it's a football stadium first."

It’s significant that Davis makes sure Raider Nation knows this is their stadium, their new home, or as Davis likes to put it, the new “Death Star.”

"It was built for the Raiders. It was built for the Nation. It was built for our alumni,” Davis said. “It was built for everybody, and it was built for the people of Las Vegas because they put their skin in the game as well.

"We are just so proud of it and when you see people out there at all hours, which I have, it just really legitimizes what we did. I'm just so excited about it."

Raider Nation, your new house is officially open today.

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