Las Vegas Raiders backup quarterback Marcus Mariota’s options are continuing to dry up.

The latest reports coming in suggest that Mariota and the Raiders might be stuck together or Mariota may simply get cut.

There were some rumors floating around that Mariota could be traded, which opens up much-needed salary cap space for the Raiders, in return for some draft stock.

However, in a matter of days, draft stocks are drying up. In other words, the draft picks teams would have to give up to trade for Mariota would be a loss for the buyers.

Which unfortunately means the only other option if the Raiders cannot find a trade partner is to cut Mariota.

With a significant cut to the salary cap this season, teams can no longer take veteran high-end backups if the team needs the money elsewhere.

Obviously, the Raiders need the money elsewhere instead of using it for a backup.

With backup quarterback Nathan Peterman already re-signed for a one-year contract extension, the Silver and Black don’t need another one.

At this point with the state of the NFL trading situation, I think the Raiders' best option is to simply release Mariota and/or get some sort of draft picks for him.

Either way, options for Mariota are drying up.

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