Bruce Arians: Raiders Have One of Best “Big Threes” In NFL

Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians calls Waller, Ruggs and Jacobs one of the best "Big Threes" in the NFL.

It’s always a confidence builder when the opposing coach respects your offense, and that's being said about the Las Vegas Raiders.

“They put some great weapons around him (Derek Carr) now with Waller, Ruggs and Jacobs,” Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians said. “That’s one of the best trios there is in football right now, but they’ve got other guys, too.”

The young Raiders (3-2) offense is starting to find its grip on the football field and moreover find consistency, something the Silver and Black have struggled to do these past few seasons.

Hopefully, Waller, Ruggs and Jacobs can develop into the offensive powerhouses they're expected to be.

Waller is averaging 8.7 yards per reception thus far this season. In his fifth season in the NFL, his third with the Raiders, he can be a reliable tight end if he can find the open holes on the field, which he struggles to do sometimes.

As for Henry Ruggs III, the rookie wide receiver, he’s played in only three games so far due to a knee/hamstring injury. Even then, he booked a 72-yard touchdown reception against the Kansas City Chiefs two weeks ago.

While Ruggs has limited action with the ball, something the Raiders need to improve on, we’re starting to see the sparks of another great wide receiver.

Josh Jacobs is the “ignition of the offense” as I like to call it. He’s the power rusher of the team and will always fight for yards. He’s the running back who creates a second and short situation for Carr so he can throw down the field. Jacobs is the one that can fight for quick two yards for the first down. He has and will continue to get this offense started.

The combination of the three will continue to become more threatening as all three progress in their careers.

“I really believe that we’re just beginning to, if we can stay healthy and those kind of things, really see where this thing can go over the next however many years,” Carr told reporters. “We’re young and it’s exciting to see what we have, but time will tell. With the way these guys work, I’m excited to see them grow because I think they’ll get better.”

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