Las Vegas Raiders Are Currently in the Middle of the Pack

Five weeks into the season, the Silver and Black are currently smack dab middle of the NFL.

Entering Week 6 and following a two-game losing streak, at first thought, many might think the Silver and Black are struggling.

Yet the numbers indicate that they currently are smack dab middle of the pack.

The offense ranks 13th in the league with 377 yards of offense per game. The Silver and Black are fourth in passing with just under 300 yards per game. The Raiders are 19th in points with 22.6 points per game.

The Silver and Black defense ranks 10th overall in the NFL. They average just under 340 yards per game. The Raiders are fourth in passing, allowing just over 205 yards per game so far this season. Las Vegas is 17th in the NFL with 24 points allowed per game.

By far on both sides of the ball, the ground game is where the Raiders suffer the most. On offense, the Raiders are 29th in rushing with just under 79 yards on the ground per game.

This explains why the Raiders have struggled to win the past couple of games.

On the other side of the ball, the Raiders are 25th in rushing defense, as they allow just under 135 yards per game on the ground.

Honestly, Las Vegas could be ranked much higher in the league and could be back on the winning track if the ground game can be fixed on both sides of the ball.

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