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Davante Adams Breaks Down Ending of OT Victory Over Broncos

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams scored the game-winning touchdown in the team's overtime win over the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

The Las Vegas Raiders' offense was finally able to execute at the end of a tight game when they overcame the Denver Broncos in overtime of last Sunday's game.

The hero was none other than wide receiver Davante Adams, who capped off his 141-yard receiving day with the game-winning touchdown on a 35-yard pass from Derek Carr.

"I knew I was wide open," Adams said in his post-game press conference. " ... Really, it happens slow, but it happens fast, so it wasn't really a whole lot of thinking, it was just locking [in] on the ball and just make the play."

Adams said he was able to get as open as he did due to how the defense had responded to his routes throughout the game.

"Route-running is really just about the sameness within each route," Adams said. "If they see something that was very similar, I try to give a look that basically is different, that's why he ended up diving over the top the way that he did. He thought he had a jump on it, basically. Based off of what I had seen earlier, I mentioned to coach: 'I think we can be able to do this and obviously not force anything, but if it presents itself, we'd have a home run.'

"And sure enough, as soon as I go inside, he starts flying over the top. And as soon as I saw him go, I just said: 'Please God, just give that man [Carr] some time right there, a little bit of time, I don't need much right now, but a little bit of time.' And as soon as I looked, I saw the ball go up, and it was a touchdown."

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Adams gave credit to his teammate, tight end Foster Moreau, who made a 33-yard reception one play earlier in overtime to set up Las Vegas in enemy territory.

"That set it up," Adams said. "They'll talk about the last play and stuff like that, but -- and I think it was the very next play too. So that just shows how sometimes we can have struggles and then big-time play-making is contagious. And we talk about that all the time. Getting somebody, getting that spark, getting it going. Because we had plenty of opportunities throughout the game and we didn't hit the big home run every time, so when I see that, that fires me up.

"And it obviously fires coach up, great call. We communicated on the sideline about what was the -- based off how they were playing the whole game -- what was the best concept or way to run the route to have success and to be open. And that's what we need: we need great communication between all the players, coaching staff, everybody, and then just go out there and execute it."

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