Las Vegas Raiders Defense Is Like Butter

The Raiders defense has had spurts of positive moments throughout a game, yet they still struggle. As Hikaru Kudo puts it, it’s like butter.

It’s been tough watching the Las Vegas Raiders defense this season.

The Paul Guenther led squad is 26th in the NFL when it comes to total yards allowed per game -- just under 404 yards to be exact.

The Silver and Black are even worse at 28th in the NFL when it comes to pass defense.

As for stopping the ground game, they’re at a respectable 15th in the league, allowing just shy of 120 yards per game.

Since Guenther was hired as the Silver and Black defensive coordinator in 2018, the team is dead last when it comes to forced turnovers.

Yes, a bunch of numbers but what does it all mean?

It means the defense is struggling.

The best analogy to describe this defense right now: It’s like butter.

Before the butter melts, the defense can hold itself together. Sometimes it can remold itself, which is exactly what the defense did in the second half of the Kansas City Chiefs game.

They put pressure on quarterback Patrick Mahomes, all routes were tightly covered, and both linebackers applied pressure to the Chiefs offense.

Other times, the defense will melt away as the game progresses, pretty much what Raiders fans saw this past weekend against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The unfortunate part about butter is that it will always remain fluid. A little too much heat will melt it away, while enough molding will put it back into shape.

Guenther’s defense has been buttery since he joined the Raiders. While safety Johnathan Abram’s return this week will definitely help, Guenther needs to refresh this defense.

He needs to go back to the basics with clean tackles, low to the ground and power behind every tackle.

Then he can handle the consistency issue on the field.

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