Reports: Raiders Expected to Spend Least in NFL at DT

It's not necessarily about how much money you spend but rather how you spend the money

Some reports are coming in that the Raiders are expected to spend the least in the NFL at defensive tackle.

Pro Football Focus projects that the Raiders will spend the least in their interior defensive line.

Both Johnathan Hankins and Maliek Collins are free agents this off-season, with Maurice Hurst the only one who is guaranteed to stick around.

But let’s say both Hankins and Collins stick around. Even then, the Raiders' run defense was ranked No. 25 in the NFL last season.

If the Raiders decide to move on from Hankins and Collins, it better be an upgrade.

As I said Monday, one potential candidate that could come to Las Vegas is former Houston Texan defensive end, J.J. Watt. With the explosive power and energy, he can bring on the field, it’ll be a perfect treat from the outside opposite of defensive end Maxx Crosby.

That forces teams to focus on the exterior side of the defensive line, which then defensive tackles and quite literally plummets their way through to the quarterback.

Here’s my point.

Reports can expect the Raiders to spend the least at one of the most important positions of a successful defense.

But Raider Nation needs to understand that there are different approaches to solving this issue, like the situation I explained above.

My point being, it’s not necessarily about how much money you use but rather, how you use the money you’re allocated.

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