Derek Carr Calls Out Reporter Implying Vest Was “Political”

Raiders quarterback Derek Carr called out a reporter implying his Instagram post was "political"

For whatever reason, people tend to jump to conclusions without looking at what’s exactly happening.

After Raiders quarterback Derek Carr posted a picture on his Instagram on Wednesday with a cameo vest with the caption, “It’s that time again…,” reporter Dov Kleiman of theScore and Pro Football Network implied some sort of negatively against Carr said in a tweet, “Raiders QB Derek Carr posted this on Instagram less than an hour ago…”

Carr immediately tweeted back at Kleiman, calling him out for his implication.

“What’s your point and what are you trying to imply?” Carr said in his tweet. “It’s a workout weight vest because it’s the real start of my off-season training. I said ‘it’s that time again’ while standing in the weight room in my house. So if you are telling people I’m already back to work, thank you.”

Carr continued with another tweet, where he showed his frustration for people assuming something negative simply because of a cameo vest with the United States flag on it.

In addition, Carr said that he supports and prays for every president.

Luckily, it was all cleared up as Kleiman admitted he was confused with the timing of the post due to it being President Joe Biden’s inauguration day, while Carr settled the matter and said: “It’s all love and good here.”

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