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Derek Carr: Raiders' Win Was a Positive Learning Experience

The Las Vegas Raiders broke their three-game losing streak with a 22-16 overtime win over the Denver Broncos on Sunday.

For the first time in a little while, there didn't need to be explanations for why the Las Vegas Raiders could not finish down the stretch.

The Raiders' overtime victory over the Denver Broncos on Sunday was a glimpse of what could be when these tight games go the other way, when the hard work pays off.

"We've been so close so many times," Raiders quarterback Derek Carr said in his post-game press conference on Sunday. " ... And we're a few plays here, a few plays there, and I think our guys learned how hard it is. Like, this is the kind of effort and strain it takes. [Coach] Josh [McDaniels] did a great job of helping minimize certain things to help us as a team and just to help us be better. ... I think that we all found a way to play better, to do our job at a high level. 

"And it won't be perfect. We're going to turn the film on. I'll be corrected, Tae [Davante Adams] will be corrected, everyone will be corrected. And I think that that's the culture that we want to believe in, and it's the culture that Josh brings. It's awesome. He hasn't changed, and he won't change when we watch the film after this. He's going to be the same, and I think that's something that we appreciate, but I think it's something that guys are learning that: 'Man, if I really just do A, B and C when I'm asked every week, then we have a chance to win.' And then, it comes down to just making the plays at the end, and that ultimately comes down to just: 'Do your job. Take a breath,' like Tae was talking about. 'Take a breath, situation doesn't matter. What matters is you do your job.' ... So I think the feeling in there is a result of so much work, right?"

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