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Fullback Alec Ingold Gives Advice to Las Vegas Students

Fullback Alec Ingold gave advice to Las Vegas high school students. This is one of many ways Ingold is giving back to his community.

Training Camp may have begun on Tuesday, but fullback Alec Ingold has been busy all summer.

Among the off-season activities, Ingold has been involved with, one of the more notable events that happened earlier this month on July 7, when Ingold talked about personal finance with Las Vegas high school students.

The group of high school students Ingold talked to are part of the UNLV Young Executive Scholars (YES) Hospitality & Tourism Program.

According to the UNLV website, YES is a four-week summer program where students study applied learning, team collaboration, and a mentor-guided case-study analysis of the hospitality tourism industry.

Ingold was invited as a virtual featured speaker to cap off the program.

The highlight of his conversation with students included a story he told about an unnamed carpenter who became the best at making houses. Tired of building houses, he asked his boss if he could quit. His boss told him to construct one final house. The unnamed carpenter cut corners, trying to get the house done as fast as possible. What resulted was a house not up to his standards.

Then his boss gave him the keys to the house when it was finished.

Ingold told stories like this and many others during the half-an-hour conversation with YES students to get a point across.

“Everything that you do has your name on it,” Ingold told students via video call. “Do everything you can to the best of your ability because you never know when the opportunity of getting a free house could come right down the door.”

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Perhaps not a free house, but Ingold knows this experience firsthand.

Last year, Ingold was an undrafted free agent out of the University of Wisconsin, where he was a three-time Academic All-Big Ten athlete. Ingold graduated with a degree in personal finance.

Ingold even had a job secured at Oracle.

But when Ingold earned a roster spot on the Raiders, he kept his personal finance career on hold and decided to suit up.

He played in all 16 games for the Silver and Black last season.

Ingold did the best of his ability on the field. He didn’t let the end of the NFL draft stop him from pursuing his dream.

Now, he’s entering his second season with the Raiders. He’s sharing the knowledge that he learned last year with the next generation.

Sometimes it’s not what the players do on the field but rather, what they do off it.

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