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Henry Ruggs Offseason Workouts Set Stage for 2021

The Las Vegas Raiders' wide receiver Henry Ruggs takes us inside his offseason workout regimen.

The development of wide receiver Henry Ruggs III into one of quarterback Derek Carr's primary weapons will be an important thing to watch for fans of the Las Vegas Raiders in the coming years. 

As the first receiver taken in the 2020 NFL Draft, equipped with elite speed, expectations are high for Ruggs. 

It should make both the Raiders and fans happy to know that Ruggs himself isn't just going to be resting on his laurels this offseason. 

That much was confirmed in a recent video highlighting Ruggs' intense training program he's put himself through this offseason. 

Produced by Team Whistle as part of their "No Days Off" video series, the video puts us up close and personal with Ruggs and his team as they prepare for this season. 

It's not hard to tell that a strong focus is on pumping the iron, as Ruggs is seen doing exercises like heavy squats and deadlifts. 

It's also apparently been very successful so far, as Ruggs' trainer Tracy Varner stated he's already gained 12 pounds of muscle, putting his weight at 195. 

Listed at 188 pounds during last season, it's an encouraging development for Ruggs to lbe stronger after last season. 

It hopefully will allow him to better absorb punishment and not get injured, as he did last season and ended up missing three games. 

It'll be very important for Ruggs to be able to have consistency both in health and performance this season. 

As stated earlier, expectations are high for him to take the next step in becoming the Raiders' No. 1 wideout for the foreseeable future. 

If you want to see the full video on Ruggs, you can find it here.

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