Las Vegas Raiders Go High-Tech in Training Camp

The Las Vegas Raiders go high-tech in effort to get better in every area of training camp.
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All the teams in the NFL are using GPS tracking during this year's training camps.

We might have heard of its usage in the college ranks, but we hardly hear of how this technology is used or how it affects the players and football game in the NFL.

The GPS trackers measure how fast players run and the output of a player's force, which help determine how fatigued their bodies get, and it measures how much specific muscles are overworked during practice.

Over the weekend, the Raiders were supposed to have a full practice, but instead, they went through a walk-through.

While some other teams canceled practice due to false-positive COVID tests, the Raiders decided to cancel practice due to the data they received from its GPS trackers.

Coaches and staff members received and reviewed the data, and it showed some revealing data.

A Raiders staff member said: "The GPS data came back high from the previous week, a lot of guys had tight legs and what not, so we wanted to give them an opportunity to get their legs back."

Using a GPS tracking system is not the first time we have heard an NFL team use advanced technology. Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said they are using this technology to determine if a guy is overworked.

There are many old school guys in the NFL who oppose the use of technology. But with the rise of technology and research provided, it has helped some teams work more efficiently. 

One NFL general manager said: "Technology is simply becoming more and more part of the process. You don't want to be reactive to it, but you do want to use it, to set up what you're doing and be more efficient."

Without NFL teams traveling and playing preseason games, it allows them to utilize the technology more efficiently during their training camps. 

There's a balance between coaches and trainers trying to get guys ready to play, but not pushing too hard to where they get injured. We all know how important it is to keep players healthy for the entire season.

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