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Johnathan Abram Shows His Personal Side

The Las Vegas Raiders safety Johnathan Abram talks about his dog Amo and shows a peek at his large sneaker collection.

For those who follow the NFL in any capacity, it can be easy to forget that the players who suit up on Sundays have entire lives that exist outside the sport. 

The vast majority are about as normal as any person you would meet on the street, and have the same kind of needs and wants as any regular people would. 

That includes having pets, which Las Vegas Raiders safety Johnathan Abram showed in a recent interview with Whistle Sports.

Part of their "Meet the Pets" series that looks to get to know athletes and their pets, Abram seemed very happy to talk about his 14-month old South African Boerboel named Amo. 

Abram said that the inspiration for Amo's name came from how bullets do damage because Amo liked to eat everything other than Abram's large sneaker and shoe collection, which he gave a peek of early in the video. 

It wasn't just all about Amo, though, as Whistle also found time to get Abram's opinion on multiple football-related topics. 

He listed the three safeties he models his game after--Kam Chancellor, Tyrann Mathieu and Sean Taylor. 

All three are dynamic players to model after, and especially when it comes to the hitting ability of Chancellor and Taylor. 

Abram pointed out a big adjustment from coming to the NFL from college is building your own offseason routines. 

In college, Abram points out that everything they do is on a schedule. In the pros, you have to figure out for yourself how to keep in football shape. 

He also shows his passion for drawing and painting, showing full pieces of work. 

It's an interview that does well in showing a side to Abram that fans might have never knew existed before. 

If anything else, they can enjoy sharing in what seems to be the most common love of anyone in the world: that of a big, kind, gentle dog. 

If you want to check out the full video, you can find it here.

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