Quarterback Marcus Mariota Activated From Injured Reserve

The NFL's highest-paid backup quarterback is back on the active roster. Mariota will help improve Carr's rushing game in practice.

The highest-paid backup quarterback in the NFL is back on the active roster with the Las Vegas Raiders.

The former Oregon Duck quarterback, Heisman winner and No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft has returned to the active roster with a day to spare.

Marcus Mariota was designated to return on Sept. 30 after straining a pectoral muscle on Sept. 7. Per NFL rules, teams are required to activate players within three weeks, or the player would remain ineligible to play for the rest of the season.

While in no ways does this mean starting quarterback Derek Carr will lose his starting job anytime soon, it does mean that Carr will be able to work on quarterback skills with Mariota in practice.

Mariota was signed by the Raiders last offseason for a $7.5 million base salary and a $17 million salary if he should start.

The former Titans starting quarterback was attractive to the Raiders because of his experience in the NFL. The best way to improve Carr is by throwing someone else in practice with experience, with knowledge of that game who can improve and push Carr in practice.

Furthermore, Mariota is experienced in rushing as a quarterback. In every season that he played for the Titans, he rushed for at least 5.4 yards per carry. He has scored 11 rushing touchdowns and has moved the chains 87 times by rushing in his career.

Mariota averaged 22.2 rushing yards per game with the Titans.

In comparison, Carr averages 2.8 rushing yards per game.

While Carr’s protection is back, as evidenced by the Kansas City Chiefs game a couple of weeks ago, a versatile quarterback is always better than a traditional quarterback.

With Mariota’s talents, Carr can work on escaping the pocket and rushing the ball at times, instead of constantly depending on his running backs or passing game.

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