Previewing the New England Patriots Offense

Darin Alexander Baydoun

The Las Vegas Raiders won’t be getting a break this week after their win over the New Orleans Saints.

The Raiders head to Foxborough, Mass., to take on the New England Patriots.

It’s not your father’s Patriots team, though. Gone is longtime franchise face Tom Brady at quarterback.

In that spot now resides Cam Newton, former MVP and Carolina Panthers star.

You wouldn’t think a quarterback with an MVP on his resume would be available to sign. 

For Newton, though, injuries marred the end of his tenure in Carolina and led to him being released by the Panthers earlier this year.

Now in New England though, he looks a lot closer to his MVP form than he has in some time. 

Through the first two games, he has completed more than 71 percent of his passes for 552 yards and a touchdown. 

Newton also is the Patriots leading rusher with 26 carries for 122 yards and four scores.

It certainly seems that Newton has had no trouble acclimating to his new surroundings. 

It helps of course to have Bill Belichick as your coach, but he deserves credit for showing he can still be a difference-maker in this league.

It helps when you have other difference-makers around you. 

It was thought that New England’s level of skill talent wasn’t that great, but so far, the Patriots have been good enough to field a top 10 offense.

They have a versatile stable of running backs to rely on, as most Patriots teams usually have. 

Sony Michel, James White, and Rex Burkhead form a core of backs with a different skill set that the Patriots can mix and match.

When it comes to the receivers, you still have old reliable in veteran slot man Julian Edelman. 

Coming off of recording a career-high 179 yards, the 33-year-old looks like he’ll be a significant challenge for the Raiders secondary.

Factor in former first-round pick N’Keal Harry is finally healthy, and this Patriots offense should present another big challenge for the Raiders defense. 

How to watch or listen to the Las Vegas Raiders versus the New England Patriots Sunday?


Radio: Raider Nation Radio

Odds: New England -5.5

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B1G Ball Buster1
B1G Ball Buster1

Kim didn't beat us we shut him down but what a frustrating game

Autumn Wind
Autumn Wind


B1G Ball Buster1
B1G Ball Buster1

Down in offices star makes them less dimensional I like our chances


Can’t wait for the game


It’s not a bad article, just the wrong headline. I wish this was about the defense though, because that’s more of a mystery to me (outside of Gilmore) with six new starters.