Raiders Not Shopping Derek Carr

The Raiders are not shopping Derek Carr, and the interest from multiple NFL teams proves the value seen in him by the organization

Quarterback Derek Carr isn’t going anywhere.

While that doesn't mean there is no chance that Carr might get traded if a team were to offer a ridiculous trade in favor of the Silver and Black, it's stating the fact that it is highly unlikely.

The point is, the Raiders aren't shopping Derek Carr.

Reports online this week say that the Raiders could potentially acquire Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson in a three-team trade.

They absolutely could.

Sports Illustrated’s Raider Maven learned and reported on Monday that some teams have been inquiring about Carr. However, the Raiders are not “actively shopping” for a new quarterback.

Of course, the Raiders will take the calls.  They have to.  Who knows if there is a team willing to pay a ridiculous price for Carr.  The Raiders will field those calls, but they aren't shopping him.

General manager Mike Mayock said last week that Carr had an "exceptional" year.

While Carr didn’t make the Pro Bowl, he did still have a solid season.

He was 14th in completions, 11th in yardage and 11th in touchdowns

Carr was ranked 10th in passer rating, 10th in completion percentage, and had a three-way tie for average attempts.

Remember, for the Raiders, in order for trade with Carr to make sense, Las Vegas must receive a quarterback and personnel that will immediately show results.

The Raiders aren't rebuilding. They're on the cusp of making the playoffs and with an improved defense could make a push deep into those playoffs.

The biggest takeaway here though is the fact that teams are keeping an eye on Carr.

If the Raiders are receiving inquiries about Carr, and we know they are, that means he’s still one of the best in the NFL right now.

How many games can Raider Nation recall that were lost because of one drive or one call that didn’t go the Raiders way?

There’s still constant rhetoric about "Carr’s not my quarterback" on a daily basis within Raider Nation.  If he isn't your quarterback, then the Raiders are not your team.  Because he is their quarterback.

We see it all the time. We hear it all the time.

That’s ridiculous.

Derek Carr is your quarterback and the interest of multiple, contending teams asking about his services should tell reasonable people all that they need to know.

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