Predicting Las Vegas Raiders Record for Rest of the Season

We'll be going through the Las Vegas Raiders remaining schedule and see how the road to a playoff berth shakes out
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The Las Vegas Raiders are off their bye week, with their next game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers set for primetime Sunday night.

Looking ahead, however, we can start to see how the remaining schedule for the Raiders is starting to shape up as the good and bad of the NFL separate themselves.

Knowing that, we can also make predictions for how the rest of the season for the Raiders will go, and if you look at the percentages, they could be in for a good stretch.

That’s because the Raiders, on paper, have the easiest remaining schedule in the league going forward. 

It’s convenient considering how arduous their schedule was to open the season and presents a golden opportunity to make a potential playoff run.

So, while we’re here, let’s go in and analyze the Raiders' remaining schedule and project what their record could be at the end of the season.

Looking through it, the Raiders have the advantage of facing some of the worst teams in the league like, such as the New York Jets and Atlanta Falcons.

Not every opponent will be a cakewalk though. 

They face the Buccaneers (4-2) this week, and have games against the Cleveland Browns (4-2), the Indianapolis Colts (4-2) and one more game against the Kansas City Chiefs (5-1).

Speaking of the Chiefs, the biggest key for the Raiders could be how they handle the AFC West outside of Kansas City.

The Los Angeles Chargers are 1-5, but that’s with every loss by one possession. They’ve gone toe-to-toe with teams like the Chiefs, Buccaneers and New Orleans Saints (3-2) , and nearly won.

The Denver Broncos (2-3) haven’t been as impressive in their losses, but injuries have a lot to do with that, as their quarterback Drew Lock was out for basically two of their three losses.

Lock is now back though, leading them to a win against the New England Patriots (2-3) in Foxborough, Mass., where the Raiders were previously blown out.

While on paper the Raiders should be the favorite in those games, neither Los Angeles or Denver will likely be easy. 

If they can finish with one loss or less while at least splitting their series with the Chiefs, it should bode well for their playoff hopes.

Taking that all in, my projection for the Raiders is that they finish 11-5 or 10-6 at best. I think they’ll finish with a 4-2 record in the AFC West and take advantage of the lesser teams on their schedule, making the playoffs for the first time since 2016.

Things can change rapidly in the NFL, though, so I’ll still be doing my normal weekly predictions. If my overall prediction comes true though, I should be forecasting several more Raider wins.  

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