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Raiders' Success As of Late Can Be Attributed to Close Losses Early On

The Las Vegas Raiders are learning how to win close games as they come off of consecutive overtime wins.

The Las Vegas Raiders are finding a groove at a critical part of the season, now having won back-to-back overtime games on the road.

The victories have been quite the turnaround from some of Las Vegas' close losses early on this season.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniels believes those shortcomings have helped his team be prepared in crucial moments down the stretch as of late.

“I mean, look, everybody wants the results," McDaniels said in his Monday press conference. "And sometimes it gets challenging to continue to just drip water on the rock here and hope something sprouts. I think that we're continuing to improve in small areas, our field goal protection, our kickoff coverage. There are a lot of little things here and there that we're doing a little bit better and that are making a difference as the game goes along. 

"And as the season progresses, the more of those things that you can improve on, the more the results will change just without you focusing on the result. You're focusing on the little things that you can control. Obviously, it tastes better when you win, to listen and learn and correct things. We're all human, I think we would rather win and learn from that than lose. But again, I think some of the biggest lessons we've learned have come from the games that we haven't been able to finish. And so, maybe the last two games there have been some winning done because of some of the things that we learned when we lost a few games like that."

The Raiders will look to add on to their recent success when they return home to host the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday.

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