If there’s anything Raider Nation should be aware of, it’s the fact that tight end Darren Waller is doing all of the right things.

When asked by media about Waller, Gruden mentioned the continuous improvement by Waller and ultimately, said Waller is best when he’s himself on the field.

"He's just got to keep being Darren Waller,” Gruden said. “He has done an incredible job of playing wide receiver, tight end, in the slot.”

“He's come out of the backfield. He's smart, he's versatile. He's a complete player. He can block, pass protect. I've never been around a guy that is that unselfish, that talented and that versatile and that complete.”

"We've got to continue to build around him."

I think the key for me and Raiders as a whole was the last sentence Gruden said. The team needs to be built around Waller.

I mean just look at last year’s stats.

Waller averaged 11.2 yards per reception last season, which incredibly is not the best yards per reception in his career. Yet, he had the most yards per game in his career with 74.8 yards.

Waller caught nine touchdown passes last season, the most in any single season for him.

He’s considered the second-best tight end option entering the 2021 NFL season right behind rival tight end Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs.

With continuing to like what they see on the field from Waller, the Raiders need to continue building the team around him.

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