The Hondo & Alain Show, Episode Eight

Hondo Carpenter and Alain Poupart discuss the NFL's currently undefeated teams, and much more.

SI Fan Nation Publishers Hondo Carpenter of Raider Maven and Alain Poupart of All Dolphins are veteran journalists with extensive experience covering the NFL.

They spent time together when Poupart was vacationing in Las Vegas this summer and the two discussed the idea of getting together on a regular basis to break down and give their insights on various topics around the NFL.

Thus the Hondo & Alain Show was born, with Kim Becker coming on board as host.

Call it a podcast if you'd like, or a video, or an interview. We prefer thinking of it as two friends who happen to cover the NFL and have good insight and inside knowledge having a fun conversation about what's making news around the league.

In this episode, Carpenter and Poupart discuss:

· The National Football League has five undefeated teams left.

· Can the Las Vegas Raiders defense sustain them to success behind their potent offense?

· The Denver Broncos are 3-0, but they haven’t beat a team that has won a game? Does that make them illegitimate?

· Are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers simply on a roll? Can anyone stop them?

· Are the Arizona Cardinals a surprise, or could you see this coming?

· Was quarterback Matthew Stafford the biggest addition by any team in 2021?

· Are Stafford and the Los Angeles Rams the only team that can stop Tom Brady and the Buccaneers?

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