Darren Waller Plays Like Batman in Raiders Win in Gotham

The Las Vegas Raider Darren Waller was on fire with 13 catches for two-hundred yards versus the New York Jets today.
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The Raiders' miraculous game-winner might overshadow Darren Waller's career day.

Waller's game spoke for itself, but everyone else who watched the game knew how hard Waller was working on the field.

The monstrous Pro-Bowl tight end finished the game on Sunday with 13 receptions for a career-high 200 receiving yards and two touchdowns.

The Jets tried to give Waller different looks on defense, but they could not find a way to stop Waller throughout the game.

Raiders head coach Jon Gruden praised his tight end and said, "He's special, if you look where he caught passes, he caught them at wide receiver, playing split end, he caught them as a flanker, he caught them in the slot, he caught them everywhere and he ran all kinds of routes. And a lot of guys can't even dream of doing what Darren Waller can do and I think he solidified himself today as clearly one of the top Pro Bowl tight ends in this business."

Waller was hauling in catches all game long, but when the team needed a player to step up and get the ball moving forward, Waller was there as the team's security blanket.

The second-biggest play of the game was a huge 38-yard reception on third-down late in the fourth quarter that kept the Raiders' drive alive.

Later in the drive, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr threw a pass to his favorite receiver, which resulted in a holding penalty by Jets' defender Marcus Maye, right before the two-minute warning Raiders drive alive.

"Anytime there's man to man, we like man to man. I go out with the mindset that I'm trying to win every single matchup, every time I step out there. We got looks that we liked, and we had a lot of stuff dialed up for it, and we tried to execute like we do in practice," said Waller on the executing on the matchups given to him.

This game marks the best game he's had; statistically, his previous best was in week two against the Saints in Las Vegas, when he caught 16 receptions for 105 yards and one touchdown.

As far as this season goes on, he has placed himself as the best tight ends in the league, and he's only getting started.

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