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Adams to the Raiders Still has the NFL Talking

The NFL hasn't stopped talking about the Las Vegas Raiders acquiring Davante Adams, and he had a lot to say about the move.

HENDERSON, Nev.--Last May, we began to report about the possibility of the Green Bay Packers superstar Davante Adams coming to the Las Vegas Raiders.

After months of reporting about it being possible and Adams' desire, it finally did occur.  So now, as the NFL's best wide receiver is wearing the Silver and Black, he couldn't be happier.

The NFL hasn't stopped talking about the bold move by the Raiders and Adams.  It sent shock waves through the league and put them on notice.

Adams spoke about his move to the Las Vegas Raiders and plenty more.  You can read the transcript below, or watch the video above to catch all of what he said.

Wide Receiver Davante Adams

Q: You and Derek Carr made it publicly clear that you wanted a reunion at some point, but when did this become more of a reality during the process?

Adams: “It started to become more of a reality I think after the season obviously. It was something that we didn't even entertain during the season because we both had to focus on trying to win a Super Bowl. Obviously, that was No. 1, but once we wrapped up the season, started communicating a little bit. Still didn't really fully dive into it because we kind of wanted to decompress from the season, allow each other to put our thinking caps on a little bit and see where we were, and then things progressed a little bit more. We communicate multiple times a week as it is, aside from even trying to team up. So, once we got to a point where it was it was something that could be realistic now, it's not just a thought, we started trying to put a little bit of plan together. Obviously, I was still going back with Green Bay at that point and still weighing my options, but I think we got to a point where I felt like it was a good move for us. Obviously, I was traded, so it wasn't just strictly on us. I grew up in East Palo Alto. I was a Raiders fan my whole life, so it is a dream to be a Raider, man. It’s a dream come true. In the third-grade yearbook, I said I wanted to be an NFL star or NBA star, and I was wearing a Charles Woodson jersey at the time. It's been documented forever, so I guess you could say it was meant to be.”

Q: When a little bit of a door opened where you could look beyond just Green Bay for your future, was it a thing where you wanted to seize the moment and make sure it did happen? Or did this just kind of happen as a pleasant surprise?

Adams: “Well, it was a pleasant surprise because I found out kind of the same way you did. I wish it would have been a little bit more of an official thing to where I could at least let my family know and stuff like that. But it is what it is, kind of went with the punches. But it was really an idea up until it was done because it's never easy to make that happen. You see it in the NBA all the time, guys make it happen and get where they want to be any type of way they got to do it. It's crazy for the fans for Fresno State, crazy for the Raider fans, all of California and obviously the people that support us individually, too. So, something that we were definitely looking forward to potentially doing down the road. But obviously me playing in Green Bay, a great situation, having the greatest quarterback to play the game. That’s a dream in itself. So, I would never take anything away from anything Green Bay gave me or Aaron [Rodgers] gave me. It was an amazing opportunity to work over there and do what I did for almost a decade. But things change sometimes. It's not the first time that an impactful player to organization had to leave and I feel like it worked out for both sides ultimately.”

Q: What was the turning point, if there was one, where you began to even consider playing somewhere else besides Green Bay?

Adams: “I mean the turning point was really when I had to sit down and figure out what was best for me and my family. It wasn’t really just the teaming up with Derek. Like I said, we didn't scheme this all off-season or whatever. We just kind of checked in on each other football wise. I mean we check in on each other all the time about family and the real stuff. But as far as football and getting together, you're not being a great teammate to your current organization if that's all you worried about. He had to worry about getting the ball to Hunter [Renfrow] and Darren [Waller] and those guys and being a great teammate over here. And I had to do what I could to try to get to a Super Bowl, and obviously that didn't have it for either of us, so once we got to the point where it was it was real, we started entertaining it. Ultimately it was just for my family situation. I got another baby on the way, so quality of life obviously is another piece of it that means a lot to me. And I have a lot of family in California that's never been to see me play before. Grandparents. My grandmother wasn't doing well, she was in the hospital recently. So, just kind of reflecting and thinking about life things and stuff that really matters in this world. That's stuff that matters to me. That’s stuff that's weighing on my mind when there's a decision to be made. Do I want to be able to go through my whole career without having either of my grandparents on either side see me play? And I didn't like that. So, obviously being in Vegas, it gives them a much better opportunity. My dad drives everywhere, so he'll be able to make that happen. It's a little harder to drive to Green Bay. So, yeah man, it's a dream come true to be able to do this thing and ultimately get it done.”

Q: When you walked in the Raiders locker room for the first time and saw your jersey and got to stand there with Derek, can you tell us what emotions you were feeling?

Adams: “Well, Derek wasn't there when I walked in the locker room, nor was my jersey. So, I didn't see either one. I saw my jersey today and I was happy to see that. But it was a lot of emotion. First of all, I walked in and when I first walked in, I had to run back out because I didn’t have my phone. You know, you've got to record everything now. So, I had to grab my phone and fake it and act like I was just walking up. My boy is recording me too. Another piece that was bad, I wish that my wife was able to be here and my daughter as well, but she's pregnant right now and can't move around as much as we would like. It was crazy, man. Everything around here is like the iPhone 15, it’s just futuristic. The facility looked like a spaceship. It's just crazy. So, seeing that and then I got the chance to see the Raiderettes locker room and seeing how that looked blew my mind too. So, everything is just top tier. It's a whole other level when you walk into this building. So blew my mind and I'm still kind of processing it now, but I'm starting to soak in a little bit more.”