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Raiders' Derek Carr After Beating Chargers

The Las Vegas Raiders saw their NFL Playoff hopes come back into focus by taking down their AFC West opponent, the Los Angeles Chargers, and we have all Derek Carr said afterward.

HENDERSON, Nev.--The resurgent Las Vegas Raiders (5-7) took out their AFC West rivals, the Los Angeles Chargers, 27-20, on Sunday, and with the win, saw their NFL Playoff dreams come back into focus.

After the game, Derek Carr discussed the game and gave his thoughts about the Raiders.

You can watch the entire press conference below and read the transcript:

Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr

Q: Can you talk about your pride as a captain on this team and in that locker room?

Carr: “I think the character was on full display today. And watching our guys bounce back – I mean, we turned it over again, twice. Why, or the reason, it doesn't matter; it’s what we did. We just make it hard on ourselves and then seeing everybody bounce back and keep believing, keep playing. The defense was playing great for us, keeping them off the scoreboard and all that. It’s good seeing both sides of the ball helping each other and playing that way, and the energy on the sideline was unbelievable.”

Q: How much of this has been learning a system and now enjoying and play football?

Carr: “If I'm honest, we're still in the middle of it. We're still learning. There are still things happening. It's not as efficient as I want it to be yet, and that's frustrating. But we're trying our best and we’re winning three in a row. We're winning football games and that's what matters as we're figuring it out. But to see guys – we're starting to get there and we're starting to get some things dialed in and right. Sometimes it takes us a little longer than it should, but to see the energy doesn't change. There's no one stressing out, there’s no one pressing because we all believe in what we're capable of. And we saw that on full display in this game again, just like last week.”

Q: Josh Jacobs had some hard-fought yards, but the offensive line didn't have many negative plays as far as the running game. What did you think of Josh’s effort today?

Carr: “He’s unbelievable. I've always said he's one of the best in the NFL, especially the way he's running with that mindset and that mentality. He's been unbelievable. But he'll be the first one to tell you that the tight ends, Jak [Jakob Johnson] and the O-line deserve so much credit on what they're doing and giving him just even a little space. I turn around sometimes and I'm like: 'I don't know.' And then he squirts through and he’s up there on the safety. He turns a two-yard run or a three-yard run, into eight, nine, 10, 12. It's those little hidden yards like" 'Oh, good run.' No, you can't overlook how special that is.”

Q: Your connection with Davante Adams is special as well. What right now is really clicking between you two that wasn't necessarily clicking earlier on in the season?

Carr: “I think we're winning, if I'm honest. He’s well over 1,000 yards, he's well over 10 touchdowns. Everyone said that none of those things would happen, and we still have a lot of football left. When you win, everything feels better, if I'm honest. There are things that we're working on constantly because we never want to feel like – even if we're having big days – we don't ever want to feel like we have it. So, we keep that constant pressure on each other. If I don't throw it perfect, I'm like: 'Hey, let's go throw it again.' If he doesn't feel like it was perfect, he's like: 'Let me run that again.' We keep that mindset. But I think as we win now, now it's like: 'Oh man, they're figuring it out, and it looks great.' Forgetting the big days that he had prior to us going on this win streak.”

Q: The last time you were up at this podium, you got emotional and kind of put it out there. Do you feel like the guys in the locker room and everybody else in this operation responded accordingly?

Carr: “It was a quick three weeks. I feel like, for me, I think it was just the frustration and the anger of certain things that I don't regret. Things needed to be said, things need to be handled. When you love a place and you love an organization, when you love something so much, you put your heart into it. To see the way we've responded since then, it's a proud moment for me. I'm happy about it. But we've got a long way to go until I feel really good about it.”

Q: The defense gave up one touchdown today against a pretty good offense. I'm sure you're standing on the sideline pleased about that, right?

Carr: “It's unbelievable. It makes playing quarterback so much easier when you go out there and you don't have to force something because you know it's going to be a shootout. Or you don't have to try to make a play when it's not there and make a bad decision and things like that. The way they played today, if they can play like that – I mean, I’ve always said it, defense and being able to run the ball and throw it efficiently, that's what will help you win and get to the playoffs, and hopefully win a championship. The way that they played today was unbelievable. The way that they tried to get after the quarterback, the way they rushed and covered, the way they worked together, I mean they're such a good football team. The Chargers are unbelievably talented and for our guys to play that well was really impressive.”

Q: When you see someone like Chandler Jones to have a game like he had, what are your thoughts on that?

Carr: "I just know it was a relief for him. But we're in a day and age where numbers are what compare people as good players or bad. Fantasy points, good or bad, and things like that. The way he's been playing the run this year has been unbelievable. The way he’s set the edge. There's a lot more than just a stat, a touchdown, a sack. He's played really good football. Obviously, as a pass rusher, you want sacks. You want to get the ball out and you want to do those things. I know that there was some kind of relief there, but it's not like he's been playing bad football. We have two good rushers on the outside and people chip them all the time, they're doing different things. Sliding with one and chipping the other. So, to see that kind of break free for him today, it was really cool.”

Q: On a short week, does preparing for the Rams start right now?

Carr: “Absolutely. Today is Wednesday. The main thing is I didn’t get hit in the ribs again, so I'm happy about that.”

Q: In the locker room, Davante Adams said one of the biggest differences from earlier in the season until now with you and him is efficiency. What's gone into the growth in that area?

Carr: “A lot of hard work. We’re trying our best and we knew it'd be a growing process. We haven’t played with each other in a decade almost. And even though we’ve trained together, we were both training for different things. Working this off-season, and working this season, the best training is in the games. It took time, but also, I think that everyone's feeling better about it because we're winning. When you're winning, then the numbers are: 'Oh wow. They’re a top ten passing offense. They’re a top five rushing offense. Davante’s having a huge year.' The winning helps that. Numbers don't matter until you win, and then it's exciting. And we know that, that's the NFL. But, I think for us, we just try to keep the mindset that we will never get to where we want to get to. And if we can keep that mindset and keep striving to get to where we want to get to, and just having that feeling of: 'Man, we've never made it.' I think we can get better as we continue. But he made some unbelievable plays today down the field for us, and that one handed catch was one of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen in my life.”

The Las Vegas Raiders have a quick turnaround as they play again on Thursday Night Football this week against the Los Angeles Rams at Sofi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. That game kicks off at 8:15 p.m. EST/5:15 p.m. PST and can be seen on Amazon Prime.

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