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B.S. Brothers NFL Podcast Episode No. 57:  Raiders Schedule, More

In this episode we discuss the Las Vegas Raiders 2022 schedule, Tom Brady has a new job, should Kyler Murray learn from Lamar Jackson, and much more.

HENDERSON, Nev.--The National Football League has become a 24-hour a day, 365-day a year entity, sitting squarely at the forefront of our nation's conscience.

Each week, I am joined by two of my dear childhood friends, Matt Duda and Chris Stoddard, to get the thoughts of someone who works daily around the NFL and two guys who are fans.

We are like three guys sitting at the bar who enjoy talking about NFL football from the expert and fan perspective in one podcast. Today we discuss:

· Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tom Brady signs a big deal with FOX to broadcast football games when he retires. Does this speed up his retirement?

· Can Tom Brady be as good in the booth as Tony Romo?

· Will Drew Brees return to the NFL?

· Would Drew Brees be a fit with the Pittsburgh Steelers?

· Does Kenny Pickett need a mentor?

· Arizona Cardinals Kyler Murray is a drama king while Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens has won, and is content.

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· Did you know that Facebook has a status?

· The Las Vegas Raiders signed Davante Adams and Chandler Jones; how does that translate to their 2022 record?

· I predicted 12-5 for the Las Vegas Raiders' record in 2022. Is that realistic?

· Will the Las Vegas Raiders win the AFC West?

· Will the Las Vegas Raiders lose to the Pittsburgh Steelers?

· Who will be the NFL Rookie of the Year?

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