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Las Vegas Raiders Zamir White Talks Training Camp Progression

The Las Vegas Raiders stole Zamir White in the NFL Draft, and the rookie from the University of Georgia is already paying off.

HENDERSON, Nev.-The Las Vegas Raiders are loaded at the running back position.  But after one pre-season game, they have high hopes that they might have found a star in Zamir White.

Against the Jacksonville Jaguars White flashed speed, power, balance, and field awareness not normally seen by a rookie.

He spoke  after training camp practice, and you can watch his entire press conference below, and read the transcript:

RB Zamir White

Q: Has it hit you yet that you've made it to the NFL?

Zamir White: "Right now, it's about staying level. I just keep on practicing hard, going out there, and making plays."

Q: What's the biggest adjustment you've had to make so far?

White: "My biggest adjustment I'd say is speed of the game; the checks and all that -- just learning the game."

Q: How has it been working with veteran backs on the team like Josh Jacobs?

White: "Josh, [Brittain] B [Brown], [Ameer] Meer [Abdullah], they're great guys. They hit me up every day with stuff. They're great guys."

Q: Head Coach Josh McDaniels said your understanding for the speed of the game is great for a rookie, is that because of your time at Georgia?

White: "Playing at Georgia really made me learn how to play fast. But you still have to wait for the league to really see it."

Q: Does the talent in the backs room spark your levels of competition?

White: "Most definitely. But it's fun, though. Me, Josh, Brittain, and all those guys, we have fun. We don't really care too much about the competition. We just go out there and have fun."

Q: It was a little bit of a slow start for you this camp, was that a frustrating process?

White: "Definitely. Going to rehab and just grinding."

Q: Are you healthy now?

White: "Yes, I feel great. I'm 100 percent."

Q: Is there any animosity between yourself and Josh Jacobs because he came from the Crimson Tide?

White: "No, we're all good."

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Q: On a scale of one to 10, where would you rate your confidence level right now?

White: "My part is just to go out there and grind. That's what I want to do -- just grind and be a great teammate to these guys."

Q: When did you develop your powerful, fast running style?

White: “I would probably say ninth grade. That’s probably how my name Zeus came (about), just running real fast and being powerful. So yes sir, ninth grade probably.

Q: How much of your focus has been on pass catching, and what has that adjustment been like?

White: "Daily -- we catch balls every day. Me, Brittain, we go out there and we catch balls every single day. I practice before practice."

Q: How’s that process going?

White: “It’s really good. I’m getting better at it every day. A lot better.”

Q: Since you got drafted and arrived here, up until being on the field in training camp. What's been the fun part for you? Both on and off the field just as being a professional football player?

White: “The fun part? Just grinding it out. Me Cam and Josh Jacobs. Being around these guys and just learning from them. Yessir, that's the best part for me. Just grinding with them.”

Q: Have you have a chance to go round Vegas and appreciate the town you represent?

White: “No sir, just work, work, work.”

Q: Has it hit you yet? How far you've come, where you started, what you had to overcome and now playing for the Raiders?

White: Yes ma'am. My mom would call me every day saying, ‘Zamir your blessed, just be grateful for this and just keep on grinding.’ So yes ma’am.”

Q: You talked after the game about how close you are to all the Georgia guys that came out together. Obviously, you guys had such a great class. Is Georgia going to be okay this year? Are they still going to be alright without you guys coming back?

White: “Always going to be good, man. Go Dawgs, man.”

Q: You talked about your game. Tough physical runner. You absorb contact like a sponge. That's one thing that really stood out, your very violent. As someone to describe your game of one word what would it be?

White: “I would probably say, dominant. Just powerful. Powerful pass. I’m going to come at you, run at you. I’m not scared of nothing. And just go do what I got to do.”

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