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Tyler Higbee Knee Injury: Lions Stand by Tackling Approach, Citing NFL Guidelines

Los Angeles Rams tight end Tyler Higbee suffered a significant knee injury in last night's Wildcard Playoff Game against the Detroit Lions. Now, the low hit is creating controversy.

In the 23-24 Wildcard Playoff loss, Los Angeles Rams tight end Tyler Higbee sustained what the team fears to be a torn ACL. 

Higbee is scheduled to go an MRI on Monday to confirm the ACL tear.

Detroit Lions safety Kerby Joseph delivered a low hit to Tyler Higbee, and the tackle has sparked criticism. Joseph and his teammates were quick to point out the strategy aligns with the NFL's guidelines aimed at reducing concussions in the sport. 

Tyler Higbee

Lions linebacker Alex Anzalone came to Joseph's defense on social media saying, "It's how the league office asks us to tackle."

Other Lions defensive players echoed Anzalone believing Matthew Stafford put Higbee's body in jeopardy throwing over the middle, exposing his body as he reached over for the pass. A risky throw, but one that sometimes comes with great reward. 

“My point is that it’s a legal hit,” Anzalone says. “It’s a dangerous, violent sport. It’s legal to cut block DEs full speed while he’s blinded on run plays. The QB should know not the throw this ball and protect his own player. And like I said, I do not want anyone to get hurt out there.”

Joseph took to social media as well saying, “I’m praying for bro and his family I don’t have no intention to hurt nobody and or harm their career." 

Detroit players insist this was an unintentional but unfortunate injury to Higbee.  After the many storylines of this Wildcard matchup, with Stafford's return at the top of the list, the veteran QB gutted through a painful hit with 367 passing yards and two touchdowns. 

Tough season-ending loss for the Rams with more questions to follow Higbee's health status.