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NFL Mock Draft Predicts Rams Trade with Eagles

The 33rd Team's NFL Mock Draft projects the Los Angeles Rams to trade with the Philadelphia Eagles.

According to The 33rd Team's latest NFL Mock Draft, the Los Angeles Rams could be in the market for a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles.

The deal would see Philadelphia receiving the No. 19 pick in the first round, while Los Angeles acquires the Eagles pick at No. 22 and their third-round pick at No. 97.

And with the 22nd draft spot the Rams, could find themselves in a favorable position to slide back in this draft class, potentially securing a quality player at a position of need. 

Cooper DeJean

In that scenario, Cooper DeJean, a junior prospect standing at 6-foot-1 and weighing 207 pounds out of Iowa, emerges as a focal point in the Rams.

DeJean has been a common draft projection for L.A., largely due to his versatility and his ability to line up at multiple spots in the secondary. 

The potential pairing of DeJean would both address a significant gap in the Rams' roster with potentially the best player available at that point in the draft.

The Eagles, equipped with four draft picks in the top 100, are poised to make aggressive moves under the helm of Howie Roseman, particularly if players align with their team needs.

The 33rd team believes the Eagles will be willing to make this trade with the Rams due to their desire for a cornerback like Quinton Mitchell.

Mitchell, boasting impressive size, athleticism, length, and stellar tape, is a leading contender for the top cornerback position in his class. 

His standout performances at the Senior Bowl coupled with an impressive showing at the combine have firmly established him as a player worthy of a top-20 selection.

This potential swap could be favorable for both teams and give the Rams some extra ammo later in the draft to help fill out a roster that was depleted due to free-agency losses.