Predicting the Rams' Win Total In First Season Without Aaron Donald

Where will the Rams finish this season?
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After a surprising playoff appearance last season, the Los Angeles Rams will be looking to improve on that success even more. It will be their first season without All-Pro Aaron Donald, giving them a true challenge to worth around.

But how many games can the Rams be expected to win this season? Here is the prediction for the Rams 2024 schedule.

Week 1: @ Detroit Lions: Loss

While all the talk entering this game will be about the Rams' revenge, the Lions quickly silence that. Detroit takes this game as they look to build on their NFC Championship appearance from last season.

Week 2: @ Arizona Cardinals: Win

The Rams get the first win of the season, taking down Kyler Murray and the Cardinals. With Murray back in the mix, Arizona will be more formidable but the Rams take care of business here.

Week 3: vs San Francisco 49ers: Win

Los Angeles gets a huge divisional win over their rivals here, giving much thought to their relevancy this season. The Rams squeak out the grind-it-out affair at home.

Week 4: @ Chicago Bears: Win

Facing off against No. 1 overall pick Caleb Williams will be a challenge for the Rams but they find a way to get it done. The Bears will fight but Los Angeles pulls away in the fourth quarter.

Week 5: vs Green Bay Packers: Loss

All momentum is with the Rams entering this game but the Packers find a way to win. Los Angeles drops a huge game that could have seeding implications down the line.

Week 6: Bye Week

Week 7: vs Las Vegas Raiders: Win

Coming out of the bye, Los Angeles has to take advantage of the weakest part of the schedule. They earn a nice win over Las Vegas to get them started.

Week 8: vs Minnesota Vikings: Win

Similar to the Raiders, the Vikings have a strong offensive attack but lack a great option at the quarterback position. Los Angeles takes advantage of that and earns another victory.

Week 9: @ Seattle Seahawks: Win

For some reason, Los Angeles tends to play this team better on the road than at home. They get a huge divisional win on the road to keep the win streak alive.

Week 10: vs Miami Dolphins: Loss

The fun stops when Miami comes to town as the Dolphins' speed makes life tough for the Rams. Miami wins this one easily in front of the Rams' faithful.

Week 11: @ New England Patriots: Win

The Rams get back on track with a win over the Patriots. They grab a big road win in Foxborough to keep them in the hunt for the postseason.

Week 12: vs Philadelphia Eagles: Loss

After a big win on the road, the Rams come back and drop a game to the Eagles. Philadelphia should be better than they were last season and they squeak out the win after a physical matchup.

Week 13: @ New Orleans Saints: Win

The Saints are an interesting team but the Rams should be able to take them down. After a tough few-game stretch, Los Angeles grabs a big win.

Week 14: vs Buffalo Bills: Win

Los Angeles gets a huge win in a potential Super Bowl matchup at home. This game could be a shootout but the Rams survive.

Week 15: @ San Francisco 49ers: Loss

After taking down the 49ers early in the year, Los Angeles drops this divisional game. They split with the 49ers, which is what they likely hoped for entering the year.

Week 16: @ New York Jets: Loss

Playing Aaron Rodgers on the road is always tough and the Rams fall into the trap. They blow a lead to the Jets signal-caller and drop a massive game.

Week 17: vs Arizona Cardinals: Win

Los Angeles stops the bleeding and gets a much-needed win to help the playoff chances. Arizona will be stronger this year but the Rams are better.

Week 18: vs Seattle Seahawks: Loss

Los Angeles ends the season with a loss, dropping three of their last four. It's not ideal but cushioning in the middle part of the schedule could still get them to the playoffs.

Win total: 10-7

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