Projection Model Disrespects Rams' Chances To Make Postseason In 2024

The Los Angeles Rams have surprisingly low odds of making the playoffs.
Dec 31, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Kobie Turner (91)
Dec 31, 2023; East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA; Los Angeles Rams defensive tackle Kobie Turner (91) / Vincent Carchietta-USA TODAY Sports
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The Los Angeles Rams will look to build off their remarkable 2023 season into 2024. The Rams turned a lot of heads last season; however, they'll look to show the NFL they are no fluke and a legit contender in their conference and beyond. 

While the Rams aren't the perfect team, not by any stretch, they have the tools to compete and even beat some of the top teams in the NFC. The table is set; now we have to wait and see how they deliver this upcoming fall. The Rams are confident they can build off their surprising 2023 campaign; however, the latest odds by The Atheltic are less bullish on the Rams' chances to repeat their success in 2024. 

According to their latest projections, they have the Rams with only a 45 percent chance at making the playoffs, seventh within the conference. 

The Atheltic's Austin Mock recently put L.A. among his list of "surprise non-contenders," per a projection model he designed. 

"The Los Angeles Rams are another team that might seem a little low, but I don't have a problem with their placement here," Mock wrote. "On offense, I think they'll be fine. Sean McVay and Matthew Stafford with all those assets should have no problem lighting up the scoreboard. But a new defensive coordinator paired with a young unit and no Aaron Donald seems like a lot to overcome."

The Rams' odds of winning the Super Bowl are even lower, at 2.2 percent, which puts them seventh in the NFC. 

The worries on defense for Los Angeles are fair. Life without Aaron Donald may be hard for these young guys. Add a first-time defensive coordinator, Chris Shula, and things could spiral quickly for the Rams. However, Shula has been around the organization since 2017. Shula knows what it means to be a Ram in this new era, and add to that fact he has been around championship teams within the organization. The hope is that he picks up right where former DCs like Wade Phillips, Brandon Staley, and Raheem Morris left off. 

The defensive side has some worries heading into the season, and rightfully so. The defensive side of the ball must prove that it can lock down, and only until then will they be in the mix for the Super Bowl. 

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