Watch! Eric Dickerson tells a funny story about a Chicago Bears game

Watch Eric Dickerson tell a great story about the Chicago Bears
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Eric Dickerson recounts a memory of a Chicago Bears game he watched back in the 80s.

He remembers watching the game, and the Bears kept calling all these time outs. Eric had no why idea why or what was going on.

Later, he learned the quarterback and backup quarterback were out with injuries. The reason for the time outs was because there was no quarterback in the huddle on the field, and the third string guy wouldn't go out there.

The quarterback didn't want to go back in. He was being booed by the fans, yelled at my the coaches and his morale was demolished.

The coach had to get down on one knee and talk him in to going on the field.  

As soon as the quarterback got out on the field, the coach yelled he was going to cut him as soon as the game was over.

Rough day to be that quarterback.