Why Jerry Jones is ‘Worried About That Rascal’ Dez

Ravens WR will play former team in Week 13.

FRISCO, Texas - When Cowboys (finally) play next Tuesday night at the Baltimore Ravens, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones will be both dazzled by the "light'' and "scared,'' too.

Why? Dez Bryant, the Cowboys' all-time leader in touchdown receptions and a Jones favorite, is now a member of the Ravens.

"I couldn't be happier to see him on the field," Jones said in a Tuesday visit on 105.3 The Fan. "Now, I'm going to be a little worried because I do know how that rascal can go up there and get a ball."

Jones' relationship with Bryant is what made the April 2018 to release him so difficult. "It was a very personal thing for me, more so than normal,'' said Jerry, not willing to go too deeply into whether Dallas truly considered bringing Dez at any time. "We'd spent some of our best years together, on and off the field. ... It hurt not to have Dez."

After signing with the New Orleans Saints in November of 2018, Bryant tore his Achilles in his first practice with the team, ending his season - and some thought, his career.

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But now Dez has a Baltimore contract - he feels "beyond thankful'' - and in the three games he's played, Bryant has four receptions for 28 yards. He hasn't quite exploded back onto a scene in which he was once a Pro Bowl star. He'll get his next chance in this week's oft-moved Steelers game against the Ravens ... and then again next Tuesday when the oft-moved Cowboys visit is now scheduled.

Guarantee: Before Jones lets himself get "worried'' during the game, he will seek out Bryant pregame.

"Dez has an eternal light of good,'' Jerry said. "If you love a competitor ... his whole being is about getting to compete. He's ... a great teammate. Dez is a eternal light of positiveness for our game.''

Mike Fisher is the publisher of CowboyMaven, an SI team channel.