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Lamar Jackson Already Ranks High Among QB Rushing Leaders

Baltimore quarterback is a dual-threat

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — The Ravens and quarterback Lamar Jackson generally dismiss the notion that he is running the ball too much.

The risk for injury increases each time he sprints downfield. 

Ironically, Jackson was sidelined this year when he injured his ankle attempting to throw a pass against the Browns. 

Over just four seasons, Jackson has run the ball 615 times, which ranks 12th all-time.  However, he has played in less than half the games of the quarterbacks ahead of him.

His 3,673 yards rushing ranks sixth all-time.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said the Ravens are trying to win each game, and if Jackson has to run 20 or more times to accomplish that goal, that's just the way the team will play. 

"There's no long-term sustainability observations. It's not even relevant," Harbaugh said following a Week 9 win over the Vikings when Jackson ran for 120 yards on 21 carries. "Would you rather not run 21 times today and lose the game? It's crazy to even suggest that. So, it's not even a relevant question to be answered.

"We don't plan on running any number of times. We plan on running as much, throwing as much, handing it off as much, blitzing as much, playing zone coverage as much as you think it takes to win the game in the game, and that's really what you do. So, the sustainability questions are like, 'Man, life is short. Run to the ball.' I'm trying to win the game." 

Quarterbacks with the most carries: 

1. Cam Newton — Attempts: 1,118; Games: 148

2. Michael Vick — Attempts: 873; Games: 143

3. Russell Wilson — Attempts: 846; Games: 158

4. Randall Cunningham — Attempts: 775; Games: 161

5. John Elway — Attempts: 774; Games: 234

6. Steve Young — Attempts: 722; Games: 169

7. Aaron Rodgers — Attempts: 685; Games: 213

8. Fran Tarkenton — Attempts: 675; Games: 246

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9. Steve McNair — Attempts: 669; Games: 161

10. Tobin Rote — Attempts: 635; Games: 149

11. Donovan McNabb — Attempts: 616; Games: 167

12. Lamar Jackson — Attempts: 615; Games: 58

Quarterbacks with the most yards rushing:

1. Michael Vick — 6,109 yards rushing

2. Cam Newton — 5,628 yards rushing

3. Randall Cunningham — 4,928 yards rushing

4. Russell Wilson — 4,698 yards rushing

5. Steve Young — 4,239 yards rushing

6. Fran Tarkenton — 3,674 yards rushing

7. Lamar Jackson — 3,673 yards rushing

However, Jackson is on pace to overtake the players ahead of him.

If he runs more than 100 times again, he will be in the top six or seven all-time at the age of just 26. 

Jackson admitted that he plans to run less as his career evolves. However, Jackson was tied with running back Devonta Freeman with a team-high 133 carries. Jackson led Baltimore with 767 yards rushing despite playing only 12 games  

"To be honest, it really doesn't matter, as long as it's going to help us win the game," Jackson said about running the football. "But I doubt that I am going to be carrying the ball a lot going further into the future because we have dynamic running backs and even more receivers."