Marlon Humphrey: Ravens Need to 'Show That We Belong on the Field' With Chiefs

Baltimore hosts KC on Sunday night.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Ravens cornerback Marlon Humphrey is tired of losing to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kansas City has beaten Baltimore in each of the past three seasons and the teams play again Sunday night.

Humphrey believes that the Ravens need to show they can play with the defending AFC champions. 

“The Chiefs have definitely had our number the past couple of years," Humphrey said. "And I guess the way you go about changing it is just addressing it how it is, looking at it head-on and going into the game just trying to beat them. I know coming off of a loss, we’re not really … Last week is kind of over. The good thing about a short week is you don’t really have time to dwell on the negatives; you’ve got to move on with the positives. 

"So, I think it’s a great opportunity for us, for this club to really go out there Sunday night and show that we belong on the field with them. I don’t know if we’ve played them every year since I’ve been here – I think it has been every year – and they’ve kind of been up on us. So, it’s a great opportunity for us, [and] I’m really excited.”

Kansas City has scored more than 30 points in two of the last three meetings. 

Last season, the Chiefs ran the Ravens off the field and opened up a 17-point halftime en route to a 34-20 victory. Kansas City snapped Baltimore’s 14-game winning streak in regular-season play.

Over the past three games against the Ravens. Mahomes has been completely dominant, throwing for 1,136 yards with nine touchdowns and just one interception (116.2 rating).

Humphrey contends the Ravens simply need to slow Kansas City's offense, which has the ability to strike quickly. Mahomes has several downfield weapons at disposal, including wide receiver Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman and tight end Travis Kelce. 

When you look at the teams that beat the Chiefs, there are a lot of plays that the Chiefs get away with that should be made, [and] the teams that beat them just make those plays. When it’s like, ‘Oh, the Chiefs made this crazy play,’ and they make so many big, crazy plays, but the biggest thing is you’ve got to tackle their skill and make the plays you’re supposed to make.”

Humphrey contends the Ravens don't need to dramatically change their game plan. They just need to get back to playing winning football. 

The Ravens are looking to avoid falling 0-2 for the first time since 2015. Baltimore finished 5-11 that season. 

"We don’t really play them any differently, besides based off what they do offensively," Humphrey said. "But as far as mindset, we’re going to play ‘Ravens football,’ and that’s what we think is the key to winning.”