Ravens' Patrick Queen Won't Get Back His College Number With Rule Change

Rule would be more flexible with uniform numbers.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Many standout college players have to say goodbye to their beloved uniform numbers when they reach the NFL because of stricter rules.

Players currently must wear jersey numbers they can wear based on their position. However, the NFL could possibly allow more flexibility with the numerals on the front and back of the jersey under a new proposal by the Kansas City Chiefs.

The new rule would allow wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, linebackers and defensive backs to wear a single-digit number, according to NBC Sports' Peter King.

The rule change, proposed by the Chiefs, would allow running backs, tight ends and wide receivers to wear any number from one to 49 as well as 80–89. Defensive backs and linebackers can also wear numbers 1–49 if the rule change is approved.

The league's new, full number ranges would be (according to King):

Quarterback, punter, kicker: 1–19
Running back: 1–49, 80–89
Defensive back: 1–49
Linebacker: 1–59, 90–99
Offensive lineman: 50–79
Defensive lineman: 50–79, 90–99

One Ravens player is already excited about the change, even though it won't allow him to get back his college number.

Linebacker Patrick Queen wore No. 8 as a standout player at LSU. He now wears No. 48.

Queen faces a huge stumbling block to get back his number for the Tigers. 

Ravens MVP quarterback Lamar Jackson currently wears No. 8, and there's little chance he will be giving up that number. Jackson has branded that No. 8 and has one of the best-selling jerseys among all players. 

So, if Queen wants to change his number, he won't be reliving his college days.