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Roman on Jackson: 'Best I’ve Ever Seen Him Throw'

Jackson has impressed his offensive coordinator.

OWINGS MILLS, Md. — Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman might look outside the playbook to attack teams.

That's how well quarterback Lamar Jackson is performing in the early days of training camp. 

"I mean, I think it’s the best I’ve ever seen him throw it, thus far," Roman said. "What are we, three days in? And he’s throwing it, probably, better than I’ve ever seen him throw it. He’s really worked hard in the offseason, and it’s showing, so he’s got to build on that. It’s really exciting. We’re all very excited about that. And now we’ve all got to get on the same page, so we can function as a unit and put that performance … Take every ounce of that performance and maximize it.”

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Jackson is noticeably more muscular and had more pace on his throws during the Ravens' first day of training camp. He is controlling the offense and does not appear to be hampered by the ankle injury that kept him out four games last season.

"I love how his body looks," Roman said. "He’s put on a lot of lean muscle. I told him he looks like a different guy. I mean, when I shake his hand, it feels a little different; you know that I mean? So, [I’m] really excited about all the work he put in and how his body is looking.”

The key for Jackson is to stay healthy and the added muscle should help. The Ravens are still looking to finalize a long-term deal with him and the hope is they can reach an agreement sooner than later.

Roman has already added new concepts to the playbook but that doesn't mean he will stick to the script each week. 

"We got the playbook, and we probably have, legitimately, 20% new stuff," Roman said. "But what it will do is I might call the game differently; I might call different plays that are in the playbook.”