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Lamar Jackson won't give up on bringing Antonio Brown to Ravens

Baltimore QB says Brown can make a big impact

Lamar Jackson has not given up on bringing Antonio Brown to the Ravens.

While the odds remain slim, Jackson is hoping the mercurial wide receiver could make his way to Baltimore. Brown was first linked to the Ravens when he participated in a workout with his cousin Marquise Brown and Jackson in Florida. 

Jackson came away impressed and he is confident Brown could thrive in the Ravens' environment. 

"Around us, he was a great guy. You don’t really see anything going on, at all," Jackson said. "He’s a cool, down-to-earth guy and he’s passionate about the sport of football. When he was working, you could tell, this man, he’s going to go 24/7. And after the workout, he still went and lifted. He already – prior to the workout, he lifted. We go out there and go to throwing routes, after that, guys went and lifted some more. I’m like, ‘Man, this guy, there’s no quitting with him.’ 

"That’s the type of guy we need in our locker room. And I feel like the locker room here is different from any other locker room. It’s like a brotherhood going on. It’s none of that outside noise; it’s strictly inside. We worry about each other; we worry about what we have going on. We want to win, and I can just tell in him that he wants to win. He wants to play ball.”

Brown added more fuel to the rumor mill by posting a photo of himself wearing a Ravens uniform on Snapchat in May. He also appears to be getting past some of his legal troubles. 

In June, Brown received two years probation after pleading no contest to various charges related to an incident with a moving truck driver outside his Florida home in January.

Brown will also have to undergo a psychological evaluation and follow-up treatment, attend an anger management course, perform 100 hours of community service and follow a stay-away order from the truck driver and the moving company owner, according to the deal with Broward County prosecutors.

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The resolution to the case could put the mercurial wide receiver on the path back to the NFL.

He can still potentially be a game-breaking player. 

Brown spent nine seasons with the Steelers. He signed with the Raiders last season but later demanded his release. Brown then signed a deal with the New England Patriot, but that lasted just 13 days because of his legal troubles. 

Brown is a dominant player when he can get on the field, amassing 841 receptions for 11,263 yards and 75 touchdowns over 10 seasons. Brown has been named to seven Pro Bowl teams and awarded four first-team All-Pro honors over 10 seasons.

Brown did announce his retirement from the NFL earlier this month. 

But could he be persuaded to join the Ravens? 

Jackson has already talked about Brown to the coaches.

"They’ve seen the videos and stuff like that, too, and they asked me, and I told them the same response I just told you guys,” Jackson said. 

Stay tuned.