Drew Brees' Next Chapter and New Team will begin at NBC

Now retired from professional football, Drew Brees shared on the TODAY SHOW his new team, and the next chapter in life will begin at NBC.

Drew Brees will not be riding off into the sunset and enjoying retirement at a Palm Springs retirement community any time soon. Instead, this morning Brees confirmed with NBC's TODAY SHOW host Hoda Kotb that his next chapter would begin at NBC.

Well, I'm going to be working for NBC. I'm part of the team now [NBC]. A new team. So I'm, listen I'm excited about that journey I'm excited to stay very closely connected with the game of football. It's been such an important part of my life. And I continue to be able to talk about it and show passion for it, and bring my kids along for the ride there as well and let them be part of some of those special moments..." remarked Brees.

Hotb inquired with Brees about how did he come to his decision to retire. Drew responded,

"You know that's a that's a decision that you don't just wake up one day and say hey I'm gonna retire. It's it's definitely a process and listen I'm 42 years old I've had a chance to play this game for 20 years in the NFL and make for the last few years, and I felt like this.

This moment was coming, and it just made me so laser focused on staying in the moment. Each and every day, enjoying the moment, enjoying the preparation enjoying the grind enjoying the celebrations with my teammates.

Just knowing that at some point, I will retire and move on to the next chapter, and I want to be able to look back with incredible memories, and knowing that I gave it my absolute best."

Drew reflected on his decision to retire and his philanthropic endeavors in New Orleans. He expects more announcements over the "coming months" about "where we can make the biggest impact."  

He continued by saying, "I'll be honest, I am most excited about those things because I think that's where we can make the biggest impact. And there's still so much need in this country and certainly in the city, and I'm excited that we have the opportunity to be involved in those things and create some models, some sustainable models that we can replicate throughout this country to continue to push us forward."

Brees has a tremendous work ethic. His next chapter will be full of commitment to excellence and extremely passionate as his last 20 seasons in the NFL. Expect to see plenty of Drew Brees in broadcasting, in the community, and covering the game he loves dearly, professional football.

Reports say Drew Brees will become a studio analyst for Football Night in America and game analyst for Notre Dame football.  Brees will also work the Super Bowl and Olympics for the network.

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