3 Realistic Trades for Seahawks to Acquire Prized S Jamal Adams

Corbin Smith

With negotiations for a contract extension at a standstill, disgruntled Jets All-Pro safety Jamal Adams reportedly has demanded a trade.

To expedite the trade process, Adams has quickly distanced himself from the organization by talking about his time in New York in past tense and writing "it's time to move on" on his Instagram account. He's even gone as far as to tell a fan he was "trying" to coax a trade to the Cowboys, who have long been viewed as a favorite to bring him back to his home state of Texas.

But keeping his options open, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported Adams provided a list of seven preferred destinations to the Jets. Through various reports, he would be willing to go to these teams without immediately signing an extension, which would certainly help facilitate a deal since he still has two years left on his current contract.

Along with the Cowboys and the defending champion Chiefs, the Seahawks were among those seven reported teams. After finishing 22nd in scoring defense and near the bottom of the league in passing defense last season, adding an elite talent like Adams to the secondary would be a game changer for a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

Since New York likely want a king's ransom in the form of draft picks to part ways with the 24-year old Adams, Seattle may be a long shot to pull off such a blockbuster. But general manager John Schneider has never been averse to rolling the dice and per Jake Heaps of ESPN 710, the team has engaged in trade talks with New York.

To swing a deal, here are three realistic trade pitches Schneider could offer Jets general manager Joe Douglas to try to land the prized star safety before the 2020 season kicks off.

Option 1: Seahawks trade 2021 first-round pick, 2022 second-round pick, 2021 fourth-round pick, and 2021 fifth-round pick to Jets for Adams and a 2021 seventh-round pick

If Schneider doesn't include a player as part of the package, or the Jets will only accept a bounty of draft picks in exchange for Adams, the Seahawks will certainly have to pay a steep price. Last year, the Rams dealt away two first-round picks as well as a future fourth-round pick to the Jaguars for cornerback Jalen Ramsey, which could be a baseline for New York entering such negotiations. Multiple first-round picks would likely deter Schneider from continuing such discussions.

But given the strong possibility of a holdout in training camp and Adams growing disdain with his current team, New York may not have quite as much leverage as Jacksonville did last year. It's feasible Seattle may be able to offer a valuable future second round pick and two day three selections on top of its 2021 first-round pick to persuade Douglas to pull the trigger.

Option 2: Seahawks trade 2021 first-round pick, 2021 fifth-round pick, and safety Marquise Blair to Jets for Adams

Unlike other potential interested suitors on Adams' preferred list, the Seahawks have a natural replacement option already on their roster to dangle as a trade chip in Blair. Though he only started three games as a rookie, the hard-hitting safety flashed in limited opportunities, producing 32 tackles and two forced fumbles. He would have three seasons remaining under club control, which would be appealing for the Jets as they aim to remain competitive in the new-look AFC East.

While Seattle may be hesitant to part with a high-ceiling talent such as the soon-to-be 23-year old Blair, including him in a deal would allow Schneider to possibly bargain without having to give up another draft pick in the first three rounds in addition to the 2021 first-round selection. As the saying goes, sometimes you have to give up something good to get something better.

The Jets would be able to move Adams while landing a capable young starter with immense upside to fill the void along with two premium draft picks. As for the Seahawks, they could pair their new star with Diggs to form one of the best safety duos in the NFL for a franchise in the midst of a title window.

Option 3: Seahawks trade 2021 first-round pick, 2021 third-round pick, and cornerback Tre Flowers to Jets for Adams and a 2021 sixth-round pick

When it comes to other players on the Seahawks roster who could draw interest from the Jets, Flowers may be a wild card to keep an eye on. Until Quinton Dunbar's current legal woes have been addressed, Schneider won't be looking to deal the third-year cornerback, as the team lacks depth at the position.

But if Dunbar is cleared, that could suddenly change, as the former fifth-round pick would fill another major need for the Jets. The team released veteran Trumaine Johnson during the offseason and currently has Pierre Desir and Arthur Maulet listed as starters on the outside. A strong argument can be made Flowers would be an upgrade over both players and with two years left on his rookie deal, the converted safety has plenty of room left to develop at a position he only has played since 2018.

Adding Flowers to a deal for Adams wouldn't move the needle near as much as Blair, but it could be enough to negotiate a trade without adding another first or second round pick to the equation.

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Keep Blair ! He has the ability with his speed and toughness, only an injury{that can happen to him or Adams} will keep Blair from being a top tier safety. Flowers is also a talented back, yes he made mistakes but changed positions to learn Carroll's difficult style in his 2nd season. Carroll finds talent and is the best teacher, for corners & safety's, so maybe these young kids are about to grow into a great unit


I like the Blair Trade over Flowers - Blair will be 3rd man out if they got Adams, and Flowers will be needed for facing large WRs.


Alright, I like Blair, and Tre. I honestly think Tre will replace Mcdougall. Tre just hasn't looked comfortable in a one on one cb position. He's a good tackler, and has a great fight for the ball playstyle. But as a Cb you have to have the positioning nailed, and with his size and height it seems he struggles to get into the correct positioning... since he seems to do a bit of panic grabbing. And the guilty looking hands in the air... (Plz Pete, tell your guys not to do it. It's like having chocolate on your face and being asked. "Did you eat the chocolate in the cupboard?") ANYWAYS! I think we are rather set, Adams seems like a trade a team would go for if they plan on building around him. Just like AB or Clowney. You bring them in either for a year for the impact they bring. Or you build around them. Hence why I've gotten over clowney, and why Gordon seems like a better player to pick over Ab. Don't get me wrong however, they would all be amazing on the Hawks... but realistically there's no real way for that dream team to happen.

Keep our young players, let them grow and mature under the stars they can, and soon they'll be proving their worth in the next year.

Also Corbin, how do you feel about our LB position? Do you think our first rounder will play next to Wagz due to injuries, and the unknowns with Kendricks?


I'm going to happily so nope to any of those trades! I think Tre could be flexed into a more comfortable position... like safety which he had been before the hawks converted him into cb. As for Blair I like him as well... I think our bigger issues and trade needs are pass rushers. Not secondary.

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