Adam Gase Isn't Worst Option, But He's a Bad Fit For Seahawks

The Seahawks have reportedly spoken to Gase about their offensive coordinator opening and while his history in the same role in Denver and Chicago does provide some hope for success, the former Jets head coach presents a high risk of disaster for an offense that needs to sort out its own dysfunction.
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Monday afternoon, Seahawks Twitter was set ablaze by Jeremy Fowler of ESPN's report that the organization had spoken with former Jets coach Adam Gase about their offensive coordinator opening. The infamous Gase was let go by New York after finishing 9-23 in his two seasons with the team and has earned a negative reputation around the league from a personal standpoint.

While the reaction to the report from fans and media alike has been... poor, to put it lightly, I don't necessarily think Gase is the worst possible choice for the job. However, that doesn't mean he's at all a fit in Seattle. Quite the opposite, actually.

Gase's offensive coordinator experience spans across three years, working under John Fox both in Denver from 2013-14 and Chicago in 2015. In those years, Gase's offenses finished 1st, 3rd, and 10th in offensive DVOA, with the top-place finish coming in Peyton Manning's record-setting season in 2013 - the same year the Seahawks dismantled them to the tune of a 43-8 victory in Super Bowl XLVIII. 

In the five seasons Gase served as head coach of the Dolphins and Jets, however, his offenses never finished higher than 14th and sat dead-last and second-to-last in his two years in New York. It got so bad that Gase relinquished himself of his play calling duties in the middle of this past season for a winless team.

To be fair, Gase hasn't had the greatest talent at his disposal, though Sam Darnold's early career struggles could possibly be attributed to his former head coach. Still, he has had great success in the NFL in the past and may just be one of those coaches that can't run an entire team on his own but have a niche as a coordinator.

With that said, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the Seahawks have at least kicked the tires on Gase. His previous work with Manning on the Broncos and his affinity for the passing game is certain to appeal to Russell Wilson and could be an indication that Wilson is, indeed, involved heavily in the hiring process.

That's not what Pete Carroll seems to be looking for though, and that's who will ultimately make the final say in who becomes the Seahawks' next offensive coordinator. With the potential drama a Gase hiring could cause reuniting him with former Jets safety Jamal Adams, it just doesn't seem worth it whatsoever for a guy who's had more downs than ups in a league that constantly begs the question: "What have you done for me lately?"