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Analysis: 3 Mock Trade Proposals For Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

All signs point toward Russell Wilson staying in Seattle for the 2022 season. But if push comes to shove and the Seahawks decide to explore the market, Colby Patnode ponders what it would actually take for them to part with the superstar quarterback.

The Russell Wilson trade rumors are not going anywhere. Fear them, run from them—they’ll arrive all the same. Some of you won’t even read the article before you accuse me of clickbait and stirring up drama. It happens whenever somebody has the “nerve” to cover a story involving Russell Wilson’s disenchantment with the Seahawks. But here's the thing with writing articles like this in the face of heavy scrutiny: I don’t care. 

This is a real storyline because Wilson, through his agent, Mark Rodgers, has made it one. Wilson’s camp seemingly wants this to be talked about; and if you’re not asking yourself why, you’re deluding yourself of reality.

So why would Wilson not only want to push this narrative, but actively add fuel to the fire when he himself could shut this down with one simple statement? His comment on winning "more Super Bowls" in Seattle does not count either, considering it was followed with the caveat of "hoping" that would be the case. Either he wants more attention or he wants the Seahawks to trade him without specifically asking for a trade.

So why wouldn’t he publicly ask for a trade? Ask yourself this: has Wilson ever done anything knowing it might hurt his personal brand? No.

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There is nothing wrong with Wilson looking out for himself in the interim or in the long-term—let’s be clear about that. But there is also nothing wrong with questioning the motives and long-term desires of Wilson in Seattle. Over the past season-and-a-half, Wilson has been largely mediocre with some great performances and all-time stinkers sprinkled into the mix. But in large part, Wilson has been about average during that stretch. You can blame whatever you like, but the simple truth is this: he hasn’t played up to the level a $35 million franchise quarterback should be expected to in nearly two full seasons.

We can argue whether or not the Seahawks have held up their end of the bargain but we cannot, in all fairness, assume that Wilson has either. Something isn’t working. But allow me to state something definitive right here: I do not believe Russell Wilson will be traded this offseason. 

He may dump gasoline on the fire and fan the flames with vague answers to questions of which he can give definitive statements. He may continue to publicly demand better production out of his offensive line, even if it means throwing teammates under the bus in the process. He will almost certainly want more weapons. 

But Pete Carroll still wants Wilson at quarterback and so it shall likely be. That said, just because something isn’t likely to happen, doesn’t mean it can’t. So, here are three trade packages for Seattle's star quarterback I’m sure will make everybody happy. 

Russell Wilson
Russell Wilson