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Analysis: 3 Seahawks Who Will Dominate the Preseason

Every year, a handful of players emerge from training camp and the preseason with a ton of buzz. With the first preseason game just around the corner, who will those players be this year?

The preseason is a time for starters to get some reps and stay healthy, while a majority of the roster is battling for roster spots and playing time. An excellent training camp, combined with flashing in one of the three preseason games, is a fast way to make a major impression and latch onto a 53-man roster or practice squad. 

Every year, at least one player seemingly comes out of nowhere and catches the attentions of fans and coaches alike. From Chris Carson to Ryan Neal, key contributors are often plucked from the bottom of the roster. But who could these training camp monsters be for the 2021 team? 

S Aashari Crosswell

Crosswell has been all over the field in practices and has put himself in a good position to snag a practice squad spot—or even a 53-man roster spot—with a strong showing in the preseason. With Jamal Adams still not practicing and Marquise Blair still coming back from an ACL tear, Crosswell should get plenty of reps with the second and third-team defense. The Arizona State alum has also caught the eyes of Pete Carroll.

"This isn't the only day he's made plays now," Carroll said last Wednesday. "This is three days that he's had big plays and had a big knockdown yesterday. He's really hawking the football, you know? You can't help but notice him."

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Crosswell is a speedy safety who continually gets his hands on the football. The quickest way to make the team is to make plays and he's in a good position to make that happen.

WR Aaron Fuller

With Dee Eskridge still not participating in camp, the third receiver position is still up for grabs. The early favorite is Freddie Swain, while the likes of UDFA Cade Johnson and Connor Wedington are also battling for reps. But somewhat quietly, former University of Washington wideout Aaron Fuller is making a strong push in training camp, his second in a row.

He spent 2020 on the practice squad and has shown a knack for making things happen with the ball in his hands. Earlier this week, Carroll raved about Fuller being willing to do the dirty work, notably as a run-blocker. This attitude is sure to win him a lot of friends in the locker room and the trust of offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. Fuller will get plenty of opportunity in the preseason. Expect to see him get some traditional slot work with the ones, while also getting reps outside with the two's and three's.

TE Colby Parkinson

Who doesn't love a 6-foot-7 tight end with an elite wingspan and fantastic hands? He wasn't utilized much in 2020, but Parkinson's size and speed should make him a nightmare for second-team defensive backs and linebackers. He put in the work with quarterback Russell Wilson this offseason and he's having a fantastic training camp. Whether that translates to on-field success in the preseason is tough to say, as skill position players often don't get a ton of targets in any given game. But Parkinson jumps off the screen and has the skillset to be the best tight end Wilson has ever thrown to.

Honorable Mentions

Quite a few players are garnering a lot of buzz in Seahawks camp. Cody Thompson is running neck and neck with Fuller and Johnson in the receiver competition. Darrell Taylor is going to get a lot of reps and for many Seahawks fans, this will be their first look at the 2020 second-round pick. Taylor is a big, fast, physical freak who could dominate second-tier lineman as a linebacker and rush end. Running backs always seem to pop in the preseason and UDFA Josh Johnson could be in prime position to be "that guy" in the second half of these games.